When Love comes to call..

Because your essence is Love, so it is that you search for and attract that love into your life. You love to taste love, experience love, be IN LOVE. And yet sometimes love comes in disguise, like a badly wrapped present hidden in a some great trauma or disappointment. So the question is can you accept love even when it hurts? Even when it makes you turn away? When it makes you face your own stuff your own problems your own baggage? When you face that homeless person upon the street do you realise that that being is an angel? An angel waiting to show you love, and inspire you to love others?

Love comes to call at all hours, in many different guises – it is not just romantic, relationship, family, friends love. It is so much more, can you see through the veil of disguise to the truth beneath? Can you see behind your own mind’s tricks to see the opportunity to learn and grow that is behind its machinations?

Love comes unbidden and sometimes comes hidden, can you hear love’s call in the crying of a baby that is dying from a curable disease? Can you hear love’s call when you see a child in poverty upon your television? Can you hear love’s call in the apparent savagery that is happening upon your planet right now? When love comes to call, will you answer the door? Or when love comes to call, will you turn away and say I cannot face this today I am sorry? When love comes to call, will you face your own fears and go wherever love decides to take you?

The journey may be long, the journey may be challenging, but ultimately the journey is one of freedom. Freedom to love more fully in amongst the darkness, freedom to bring the light that is within you, to wherever it is called.

You see LOVE makes you face your fears and face your own humanity. It will bring you back to that which you need to work on in this lifetime and it will never apologise, or back down.

So what has LOVE made you face today? Will you turn away from it? Of will you walk towards it and face it with love by your side.For when you walk in love, then anything is possible, for Love is all that is.

When you start to see this truth, then you see that all will be well and all is possible. And nothing is impossible..

When love comes to call, do not turn it away, open up your heart even if it feels that it would break and let love in.. Love is so much more than you think it is, that I promise you.

All my love Emmanuel xxx

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