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In LOVE there is nothing to fear

Hello dear sweet angels, today I wish to write to you on the subject of love. A particular favourite of mine as I’m sure all of you have come to be aware! When you are IN LOVE There is nothing to fear and nothing fear can show you or tell you that can shake being in that place called love.

‘Love conquers all’ so many of your great writers and philosophers and saints have told you this but is it really true?

Sure your heart yearns to believe in that and yet, your earthly minds are bombarded with images of fear and fear has a strong voice in your media and your cultures and so you learn to listen to fear when it tells you that ‘it will keep you safe’ and ‘keep you away from hurt and pain’. You feel as if you need to be careful, be on your toes, protect yourself from the big bad world out there. But I am here to tell you that the greatest protection you can have, the greatest guard from hurt, pain, and yes even fear itself is LOVE.

Love has become a much diluted version of itself on your planet.. You confuse love with romantic attachment, and the two are just not the same. Sure, romance can lead you into the place called love but it all too often is a love that comes with conditions, ‘I can be in love when I am with you, but I am lost without you’, ‘if you love me, change for me’, ‘If you loved me, you would..’ and yet, the truth is that true love knows no conditions it just IS. And love is literally the ALL THAT IS! Love is God and God is love, the two words are inter-transferable for God and love are one and the same thing.

Love is not a small thing, not a weak co-dependent thing that requires another, Love is all that there is, and is the most powerful force that exists.

Love is all powerful and all consuming, it literally consumes all before it! Nothing can stand in the face of true love and not be absorbed into it. Like a super-massive ‘light’ hole it devours darkness and brings the light.

So step into love, it really DOES conquer all! How does one do that? Well the first step is to fall back in love with your own dear sweet self. Learn to love your self again, the true journey of love is an inward one not an outward one.

When you truly love yourself you reconnect with the all powerful love that is the all that is, and love is all around you and within you. No emotion, fear or attachment can exist when faced with such love. Sure, there will be times when you slip, when you fall, when you get caught up in the drama of life, but that is totally ok! Did you hear me?? I said it’s ok to make mistakes and be human, in fact that is absolutely what you are here to be! So don’t beat yourself up when you fall, when you forget, simply celebrate the fact that you have remembered that you have forgotten and reach out your hand and ask for our help. Laugh, because laughter pushes away fear and ensures that you will not pick up that stick that you all too often beat yourself up with.

Do not listen to the negative voices in your head, that is fear’s voice. Listen to the song of your heart, the sweet melody, that lifts you up and holds you in its embrace when you fall. The voice that says ‘come on, you can do this!’ The voice that says ‘nevermind, these kinds of things happen to everyone’ and the voice that says ‘ok so that happened, so what? Let’s get back up, dust ourselves off and get back on the horse!’

And remember that we you angels will be there to pull you back to your feet, for we are always there with you every step of the way. We love you you know and we are so very proud of the brave things you do every single day! We are here to help you to step into the fullness of your being, and we are here to love you unconditionally and help you to find that place called LOVE that is within you, the love that conquers all and consumes all.. We love you!

Emmanuel and your angels xxx

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