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Death does not exist

Today I bring some joyous news that will surprise some of you greatly, death.. does NOT exist.

I know that on your planet Death is a taboo word, it is not something to be discussed and so here I am, bringing it up for discussion, because you have some fundamental misunderstandings about this thing called ‘death’.

Death is not the end, it is the beginning of the next chapter, it is the next breath, the next biggest breath into a new life without a physical form. Death should be more accurately called ‘the next breath’ or ‘the day I left my body’ because actually that is more in keeping with the reality of death.

Love cannot die, and so although your body stops working, that which is within you, your spirit, your angel-self or soul-self cannot die.

The vehicle in which you came, the physical body, that ages and has a limited life span. Just like the car you drive there comes a point where it is time to let the car go, it no longer functions as it used to, its time to replace it with something more useful. And indeed it is similar with what you call death, you leave your body and merge into the great self you have always been.

This ‘new’ vehicle is not so tight fitting, not so creaky at the joints, and has far less wrinkles! This is your angel body, your soul-self, your light body.

When you take your last breath in form, you are released from the tight constrictions of the physical body and you can take your next breath into your a body without form, one that is as big as the world as you know it and beyond. You merge back into the LOVE that you came from.

There is no pain at death and it is nothing to be afraid of – It is merely the next breath and it is the most wonderful of experiences! Imagine if you will the most amazingly happy, joyous experience you have ever had. Imagine the most loved up, exciting and ecstatic feeling you ever had.. now multiply that ten-fold and you have some kind of approximation of just how joyous and freeing it is to leave your body.

I know that those of you who are left behind, miss the physical form of your loved ones, but know this, they have not gone anywhere! They have merely left their body, but they will not leave you – oh no, they are with you, of this you can be certain. Love never dies, and love will never leave you. They have merely transformed form, they are the caterpillar that has metamorphosed into the butterfly. They are free.

Spend a moment now, and you will feel their wings as they flutter, listen carefully and you will hear their messages of love for you. They are still with you, they are just in a different form now. Now they ARE the LOVE that you once shared, and now they are that LOVE they can love you all the more, and you can tap into that LOVE whenever you wish to..

..and remember this, when your body ‘dies’ you do not ‘die’ alone, oh no, all your angels, all your loved ones that have left their bodies before you, they are there to help you with the transition to your new chapter. They help you with your wings, and teach you how to fly again.

I hope this has given a little clarity on that taboo subject called death, and I hope that you will use this message to re-connect with those you love that have ‘died’ and feel their loving presence – much love Emmanuel xxx

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