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The adventure called being human can feel sometimes as if it is a lonely one. There are pressures and demands put on you all the time and admirably you do your best to make things work, to get things done, to be the best you can be. It is inevitable with all that effort, with all that pressure to succeed that from time to time things can get you down.
Now more than ever on your planet everything is speeding up and more is expected from you and the expectations you put on yourself are even higher. When was the last time you stopped? Truly stopped and did nothing? When was the last time you allowed yourself time off for good behaviour? It’s time to stop trying to be perfect and give yourself the permission to be imperfect, for that is indeed what being human (and being a human angel by the way) is all about. You have set yourself so many high bars that it is impossible to keep on jumping over them and it’s time to let yourself be human with all the emotions that come with that – even the emotion and experience called being DOWN.

The humans adventure is a set of experiences, some of those are pleasant and some of those not so pleasant, however it is those very experiences that enable you to grow, develop and help you become a better you. To remember the truth of who you are, and be more fully engaged in the wonderful education that only a human lifetime can bring.

It’s time to give yourself a break! It is no wonder that you feel down when you’ve been forcing yourself to be UP so often! As a human being it is only natural that you have peaks and troughs, up days and yes down days. So allow yourself the pleasure (and yes I do mean pleasure – as we angels do not have these ups and downs and it’s part of the joy of being human to have these experiences!) of being human and all that comes with that.

Just because you are feeling a little down, don’t let that spoil the overall experience. Go into that DOWN, be with it, sit with it, LOVE IT, laugh at it, and be free from it. And when you are especially DOWN, then remember you are not in that place ALONE. Oh no! You are never alone, you must know that by now.


And actually when you are down is a good time to reconnect, to reach out and get in touch with us. When you are down often your emotions are raised and the distance between our worlds is not far at all to traverse. So write to us, talk with us, shout at us (we don’t mind) we will be there and as long as you listen, we will let you know that we are here. We will help relieve you of your unnecessary suffering and help bring the light into the shadow that has formed (temporarily) around you. It’s time to reconnect, not disconnect, to reach out, not shrink back – it’s a perfect time to celebrate being human and to remember that you are divine and never alone.

So when you get down, remember WE ARE AROUND. Reach out, next time you feel a little down and you’ll soon find that things are never quite as bad as they seem.

We love you and love all that you are!

Emmanuel xxx

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