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May Message from Emmanuel: Celebrating the fact that you’ve remembered you’ve forgotten – a way to relieve self-criticism

Ahhh, you humans are so hard on yourselves! If there were one thing we could relieve you of, it is the burden of self-judgement. All too often you pick up the metaphorical stick to beat yourselves up, for even the simplest forgettings that you have made or wrongs that you perceive you have done. 

Being human means, by its very nature, that you are going to forget. You are living in a world of illusion yet, its apparent reality is so believable that at times you will get caught up in the drama of it all, in the illusion, and that is perfectly normal, and perfectly OK. It’s all a part of the human adventure, it’s all part of why you chose to come down and have an experience upon this planet. It’s why you, as an angel, chose to come into form, you came to experience what it is to forget and then, most importantly to REMEMBER. 

When you remember, if only for a moment, then this is something to CELEBRATE! We, the angels that walk with you, are constantly celebrating your progress. You are never ever standing still, you never ever go backwards, you are only ever moving forwards. Sure, at times it will feel as if you are not, but we promise you, you ARE! If you could only see what we see, if you could only see just how AMAZING you really are, then you would not be so hard upon yourselves. 

It’s not easy being human. Being human comes with all sorts of things that you have to navigate – human emotions, society pressures, family and relationship dynamics, the mind and its fears, amongst many others. So, it is only natural that, at times, you will forget, you will get caught up in the complex web of human experience and forget from time to time. 

As a human being, you are not intended to be perfect, you will make mistakes, you will forget and that IS OK! It’s a natural part of what it is to be on this human adventure. However, what we would suggest is, that rather than beat yourself up every time you have forgotten or have made what you perceive to be a mistake, that you turn it around. Don’t see it as a negative thing, but as a positive. Because if you have NOTICED that you have forgotten, then YOU have actually REMEMBERED that you have forgotten. 

This is a subtle, yet profound teaching, but it is truth. If you have remembered that you have forgotten, if you can see that perhaps you have been caught up in the illusion or taken a wrong turn somewhere, then that means you are AWARE of it and can therefore do something now about it. Choose a different route, a different path, make a difference choice. THIS, dearest ones, is something to absolutely CELEBRATE! 

So, rather than beat yourself up for forgetting, CELEBRATE THE FACT THAT YOU HAVE REMEMBERED YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN. 

Let me say that again, don’t beat yourself up… CELEBRATE THE FACT THAT YOU HAVE REMEMBERED YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN.

You have come on this human adventure to ultimately remember the truth of who you are. So every moment of remembrance should be celebrated. 

How do you celebrate? Well that, dearest one, is up to you, however, I would suggest that perhaps you purchase a single flower (each time you remember) to serve as a beautiful reminder of just how often you are remembering!! Very quickly you will have a house full of flowers, and it will turn around your self-judgement and self-criticism, into something much more useful and practical. 


So why not spend this month, celebrating every remembrance? 

Remember, we are always with you, so when you celebrate, we will be there with you celebrating too! 

With all my love, 
Emmanuel xx

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