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Try a little tenderness

I know how hard it can feel sometimes on your planet. Its busy busy busy, work work work, rush rush rush. No time to stop, no time to fit in the things that are really important and so often you spend time chastising yourself for not getting it all done! But what if I was to say that you are perfect just the way you are? That if you just gave up, and allowed us in, that life would be so much simpler? If you just listened to your heart over your head that suddenly there would be clarity? And if you just tried a little tenderness that even the bruised heart you have would be healed.

You see so many of you look to others to give you the love, the kindness, the advice, guidance and support that you do not seem able to give yourself. But when you still your mind, and listen to the heart’s soft lilting melody you will find that it is sweeter, kinder and more tender than your beloved’s kiss.

The love that is within you, is so big, so strong, so powerful, all you need do is access it. So be kind to yourself, quiet that internal voice that tells you that you’ll never be enough, never be loveable, never be loved.

You are beautiful, and you are perfect.

You are quite literally heaven made manifest on the earth. You are love personified, so do not believe what your mind tells you, tell it to politely go away.

Treat yourself to a little tenderness, because dearest one, you so deserve to be treated tenderly! Just like a seedling as it grows needs to be nurtured, tended and fed, so you too, as you grow into the fullness of who you are, need the same.

So tonight let us treat you, let us take you in our wings and hold you. Let us kiss away your fears, let us hold you in our loving embrace. Let us soothe your troubled mind and caress you until you drift off into deep and peaceful slumber. Let us take you home to refuel, recharge and revitalise. Simply ask us tonight, and we will show you more than a little tenderness. Why? Because we love you of course!

All our love, Emmanuel and your angels xxx


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