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When life feels hard and is getting you down. When things feel bleak or dark or fearful. Take a step outside, outside into the natural world. Nature is there to heal you, to fuel you and to reconnect you. There is so much beauty, if only you open your eyes and see. Even on the darkest day, nature is there awaiting you, waiting to share its beauty with you. The blue of the sky, the trees as they dance in the wind, the colours of nature – so vivid, so beautiful. God is in all things and god is all around you. The ancients knew this and that’s why they venerated nature, why they understood how important it was to connect with the world around them, and beneath their feet.

So, when things feel a struggle, let the wind blow those struggles away. When things feel dark, let the rays of the sun dispel the darkness and bring you back to the light. When fear has you in its grip, let the waves of the ocean break the spell and drag fear back into the depths where it belongs. When nothing looks right, just look at the detail and awesome beauty of a blooming flower. When nothing sounds right, listen to the songbird as it warbles its sweet melody in the twilight. When night falls upon you, look up to the stars and let them transport you back home, here in the heavens where you belong. Everyday find a little time to see the beauty, it fills the heart, clears the head and feeds your very soul. It is a great way to each day reconnect to the ALL THAT IS – and remind yourself that the planet that you live upon is really quite wonderful, and beautiful indeed.

Sending you all my love, Emmanuel xx

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