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Keeping the faith

There are times on your planet that it can feel that for all your hard work, for all your dedication for all your service, there seems to be no reply from the universe, no thank you from the powers that be. I can assure you most definitely that this is simply just not the case. 

The machinations of the universe and all that is (And it is a very large thing, the ‘all that is’) do at times take a little time to whir into action. Sometimes it is a little delayed. However at ALL TIMES when you put good intention and love and kindness into the world, into your lives and those that you touch in your lives (and yes, that does include your work) know that universe is moving, shifting – just for YOU and because of YOU. 

Your work, your life, when it is lived with purpose, joy and love changes the world and literally kick starts the universe into action. Your faith is the oil the lubricates the wheels of the universe.. so keep that faith and know that we your guardian angels are always right here ON HAND whenever you need to have a little celebration, and little happy dance for what you have been doing in your lives. 

If the universe is taking too long, then call us to you and grab our hands.. We love a party and we love to dance! We are here awaiting you right now with party hats, streamers and poppers.. will you join us in the celebration?

“A Celebration Emmanuel? Really?? But it is barely mid-afternoon on Friday afternoon what is there to celebrate??” 

Well dearest ones, the reason for that celebration.. Well it is to celebrate YOU of course and all the miraculous wonderfulness that you are!! 

So keep the faith, and know that we your angels are with you..

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