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All will be well

There is no doubt that in your life now, there will be difficulties and dramas of one sort or another going on. Its the nature of the human journey for there to be bumps in the road, and off-path adventures to be had!

The human experience is a full-on emotional rollercoaster at times, and that IS how it is supposed to be. Its not supposed to be simple, perfect, easy ALL the time (although it is often much more simple than how you make it, and you can have perfection quite a lot of the time if you choose it!) – Life is by its very nature designed to have its ups and its downs. If there were no down, how would you experience the up? If there were no lows how would you experience the highs? It would be dull indeed to just have one dimension to your life.

The world that you live in is one of opposites, hot-cold, love-fear, up-down, positive-negative, and your purpose is not to find perfection or the highest place to be but to find equilibrium, peace and most of all to be in LOVE.

You see no matter what ‘shows up’ in your life, know that it is you or your higher angel-self that has brought it to you. There are no accidents, there are no mistakes. So whatever comes into your life, comes for a reason. Do not agonize over why, just gently accept, and learn and grow from whatever comes.. you are never sent anything that you cannot deal with, this we promise.

Sure, there are times when you are stretched to your limits, but are not limits not there to be stretched? Is that not how one grows and expands into the next biggest version of who you are? But what when you are pushed beyond your breaking point? I hear your minds cry out! Well sometimes you must break down that which you think you are, so that you might crack open and allow the real you, the angelic you, to emerge like a flower daring to poke up out of the snow as winter turns into spring.

You see you are always blossoming, you are always learning and we your angels applaud your progress every step of the way. You are remarkable, and we are so admirous of you! You are a real star, a magnificent angel of whom we are so very proud!

So please hear that whatever is happening right now in your lives.. ALL WILL BE WELL. I promise, that anything that comes into your life is not so that you might shrink away, to make you smaller, but to help you to take that next step, that next leap forwards with your growth.. It is another opportunity to say YES! And another staging post on the Journey home.

I love you all, so very much -Emmanuel xxx

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