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Keep Up the Good Work!

I know that right now many of you are facing challenges. Things that are apparently stopping you from the abundance that is there waiting just for you. And I want today to encourage you to keep on going.

I know, I know it feels as if you have been ‘keeping on going’ for a long time now, and I’m asking you for one more push! How dare I??! And yet, How dare I not, because you need to hear that you ARE succeeding, that you ARE doing the right thing, that you ARE doing what is asked of you and we are SO VERY GRATEFUL.

Its not easy being an angel and human both. Its not easy to keep on fighting for what is right, fighting the good fight, bringing the light to the darkness. I know at times you struggle, I know at times you doubt. I know at times that you fear of what is to come. We feel your pain, we hear your cries and entreaties for help and I am here to tell you that you have been heard, that we DO listen and that we are HERE WITH YOU RIGHT NOW.

It doesn’t matter what you do, or how big your audience is, what matters is that you do what you do with purpose, with passion and with love. Your work is being noticed, more than that it is being applauded by all of us that walk with you and more. So keep up the good work, and what wonderful work it is!

Do it because it is what you are here to do, because you couldn’t do anything else, because it just feels right to do it. Rewards come from the most unexpected places, do not assume that you know what the universe has in store for you, do not presume to second guess the ALL THAT IS. The ALL THAT IS has only your best interests at heart, and we the angels that walk with you are working tirelessly to ensure that those best interests are served.

So stay open for miracles, be prepared for that which is to come and know that you are ABSOLUTELY on the right track and doing the right thing.

Keep up the good work my dear sweet angel, and oh, what sweet, deliciously wonderful work it is! Thank you for all that you are, thank you for doing all that you do, and thank you for being YOU.

We love you, we really do.

Love Emmanuel and your angels xxx

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