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When the world around you feels like it is slipping into shadow. When life feels as though it is a bit of a struggle. There is only one tonic, only one thing that can counteract the abundance of fear that is all around you – To do that which BRINGS YOU JOY.

Joy is love made manifest. Joy connects you to the essence of who you are, it breaks through any darkness like sun breaking through the clouds – it brings light(ness), it opens your heart (fully) and reconnects you to the magic that exists in every moment.

Fear tells you to worry about the future or worry about your past – but in the present moment there is a freedom that fear cannot touch, and it is JOY that is the vehicle that brings you to that present moment. 

Joy is something that cannot be faked, one cannot be ‘half-Joyful’ – it is a total body, mind, and spirit experience and when you experience Joy, fear cannot exist, darkness is dispelled and there is only the beauty of this present moment.

So, think for a moment, what truly brings you JOY? Make a list of things that are guaranteed to awaken JOY within you. Make sure that, at least once a week, you do something that brings you JOY and then the order and balance will return to your life. 

Life will no longer feel a struggle, and the darkness will feel, well, less dark! 

It may sound simple, but often it is the simple messages that are the most profound.

Make your list today, consider it a homework from me, Emmanuel. It will be, I promise, a homework that you will take great pleasure in doing and will give great pleasure for many, many, months and years to come. 

All my love,

Emmanuel xxx

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