1-1 Emmanuel Bookings

Emmanuel has made it clear that he wants to be available to everyone, no matter where you are, and we can do 1-1 sessions via Zoom wherever you are in the world!

OR if you are living in the UK then you are welcome to come visit Jo and Emmanuel in Worcester.

Sessions are on a donation basis via PayPal –  People often ask us what to donate, we say it’s dependent on your own financial means (i.e., pay what you can!) but to give you an idea anything between £50-£120 (UK pounds) has been paid by people in the past. But there is no set fee and we will never turn anyone away – Emmanuel will always be open to all.

So if you have a question that you’d like to ask Emmanuel or you’d like a private 1-1 session with Emmanuel, just get in touch.

To book your 1-1 with Emmanuel contact Jo at: jo@metapositive.com


Yes! If you want to take your learning to the next level, then regular sessions with Emmanuel will give you what you need. Would you like Emmanuel to personally guide you and help you on your own spiritual journey? Would you like to make sense of this human adventure and get closer to the truth of who you are? If the answer is yes, you can speak to Emmanuel on a more regular basis – we have done weekly and fortnightly blocks of sessions with people all around the world. This is a personalised and intensive offering for Angels in training who want to go deeper, whilst having the support, help and guidance of Emmanuel every step along the way.

Here’s what one Angel had to say about her recent experience  – “Weekly Sessions with Emmanuel have changed my life forever!  Emmanuel says we are all Angels, yet it is not easy to accept oneself as an Angel when one has known tremendous suffering and pain. When I first met Emmanuel I was struggling with PTSD from a violent attack 2 years previously and was desperately trying to find the courage to return to work and begin to live again. I am blessed to serve others as an open channel and spiritual hypnotherapist, but only recently through weekly sessions with Emmanuel have I come to truly understand the meaning of my work, and my capacity to love myself and nurture my clients with greater confidence and wisdom. Through weekly sessions with this lovely Angel, Emmanuel, I learn how to deeply understand what Love truly is, and what it means to love as and be an angel in human form. He is very thoughtful and gentle in how he guides me to the understanding or lesson I require next. A most excellent teacher, with every session, a greater sense of peace grows more deeply in my heart. I feel very blessed.” – Julie in California, USA. 

If you’d like to talk about booking more regular sessions with Emmanuel, contact Jo direct: jo@metapositive.com