Jo and Emmanuel: A Love Story

Hello I’m Jo Clarkson and I’m the channel for an angel called Emmanuel. And this is my story: it’s a love story. 

I met Emmanuel in about 1990. Pat Rodegast channelled Emmanuel at that time. You may have read one of Pat and Emmanuel’s books – they were best selling spiritual books in the 1980s and 1990s. I was just 16 or 17 at the time, and Emmanuel’s messages had a deep resonance for me. As a teenager I’d never felt like I fitted in. I had lots of big questions and, despite a lot of angst, no real answers. I felt like I was a spiritual being trapped inside a human body. I had a yearning to be free, but I had no idea where to even begin. 

Over the years, on retreats in a beautiful little farmhouse in Herefordshire, Emmanuel and Pat helped me through some of the darkest days of my life. When I asked my deeply personal questions of Emmanuel, he would be so kind, supportive, and so loving. At first, he felt like he was a high spiritual teacher, impossibly out of reach, but over the years, his messages became more personal, more direct, more friendly, and he moved from being my teacher and guide to becoming my ‘angel’ best friend. Pat sadly retired in 2009, and I thought that would be the last time I would hear from Emmanuel, but then, a few months later, Emmanuel started speaking to me. 

Now, let me just point out here that nowhere was it in my life plan to be a channel for an angel! I was spiritual, yes, and yes, I knew by that point that I was here for a reason, but I had a family and a business to run. When Emmanuel first started talking to me, I was totally overwhelmed. It felt like being his channel was too big a burden to carry, I knew he had an audience all over the world, and well, I was just me – I felt totally unworthy. Over the years, with the help of Emmanuel and my teacher Ram Dass, I’ve got over my ‘unworthiness’ and now I’m happy and proud to say that I am Emmanuel’s channel. 

Emmanuel is an angel, but he’s also very down to earth. His teachings and messages are about how to be both an angel and a human being, and how to bring those two parts of us together, so that we all lead more purposeful and fulfilling lives.

He has a wonderfully unique perspective on what it is to be human, and is a great source of wisdom for the current challenges we face in the world. He helps us to be the biggest versions of ourselves, and is always there to give guidance when it’s needed. 

The wonderful thing about Emmanuel is that, although he does have grand messages and teachings to give about the big topics like love, death, relationships, parenting, why we are here, our purpose, the spiritual journey and more – he’s also a very personal teacher and guide. When on a workshop or in a personal 1-1 with him, you get to ask him your own personal questions and receive very exacting and personal guidance to the issues and challenges you are currently facing. He is surprisingly funny, but most of all he is incredibly loving and supportive. When I channel Emmanuel, it is like channelling unconditional love and it’s such an honour and privilege to help connect people to that LOVE. 

Emmanuel’s teachings in a nutshell:

Emmanuel says we are all here for a reason, a mission if you will, and it is his job – (yes, even Angels have jobs) – to help what he calls the ‘sleeping angels’ upon this planet (that’s me and you by the way), to wake up and to remind them of the talents, skills, and gifts they were born with, which can help with the transformation of this planet to a heaven on earth. 

He’s also here to pick us up when we fall down, or to help us to find our way back to our path when we have lost our way. He’s our angel confidante, teacher, guide, best friend and always ALWAYS our angelic cheerleader. He’s not here to admonish us or tell us off; he’s here to remind us of the truth of who we are. He’s here to celebrate our every success, and reconnect us with the angel that is within us all. He’s here to remind us that life is for living, that there is no greater love than SELF-LOVE and that ALL THAT IS loves us unconditionally. He says that every one of us has guardian angels that walk with us. It’s true – I’ve seen them – and I know you’ve seen them too. 

Emmanuel is unconditional love; he’s a mouthpiece for the ALL THAT IS. He’s also my best friend, and I love him – it’s a love story, and always will be. 

If you’d like to connect with Emmanuel sometime, it’s part of my mission, my life purpose to enable you to do that. So if you’d like to have a date with Emmanuel or come to one of our workshops –please do get in touch.