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An invitation to take part in our new book

Hello fellow angels,
I am writing today to invite you to virtually join in the book that we (my channel and I) are currently in the process of writing. We are inviting questions from those that we know and love to be a part of our new book.

It’s important to me that this book is absolutely relevant to the issues that you personally grapple with at this time, on this planet, in this incarnation. I want to know what you wish to know the answers to, and what the thoughts and fears are that keep you up at night and that you wish for some guidance upon. It can be big or small questions I do not mind, all I ask is that you think that it maybe included in a book rather than they are your deeply personal questions.

If you have a question that your heart yearns to be answered, then please DO get in touch and perhaps we will include it in our new book!

We look very much look forward to hearing from you,
All our love,

Jo and Emmanuel xxx

PS a note from Jo – send your questions to: – please note we already have a lot of content in the book, so some questions will already be answered in that which has already been written. We will respond to each of you personally, but we may not choose your question as we will only be answering questions that are new topics for discussion that we have not yet covered – we hope that’s OK with you all, and look forward to getting your questions! Much love x

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