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Be the LIGHT

I know that for many of you right now your planet feels as if it is in shadow, as if it is sinking into darkness like day turning to night, but I promise you this is not the case!

When you are in shadow it is difficult to see beyond its reach, fear comes in does it not? And whispers into your ear that if you are not careful that soon all will be infected with the dark tendrils of shadow, that darkness will consume all! But again I promise you this is not the case.

It is all a matter of perspective, when you are IN the darkness of course it feels all consuming but when you take a step back, a step up out of that darkness, you can see it for what it is, merely illusionary shadow dancing across the stage of your planet. Like clouds that cross and block out the sun, the shadow is only a cursory break from the sun that will inevitably shine again once the cloud has passed. So now is the time to learn to cloud-bust!

How does one bust the clouds of fear, the threat of darkness and fear? Simple my dear sweet angel.. BE THE LIGHT.

Already their are millions on your planet being the light, and when you decide to be the light too, so the balance begins to shift, the shadows begin to dissipate and the earth lights up. From where I am, I wish to tell you that actually your planet is more LIGHT than DARK, those millions of light bulbs are brightening not dimming your planet and yes I know that fear tells you that things are getting worse, but I promise you once again this is not the case! From where I stand I see all that ever was and where are you now? You are far further along the path to a heaven on earth than you think. And no, I am not being sentimental, I am not being romantic, I am speaking TRUTH. Right now you are further along the path than you have ever been in your evolutionary history.

So why not take that next step on that path? Why not let your light shine more brightly? Why not banish the shadows in your life?
How does one do that? How does one BE THE LIGHT?
SIMPLE – just do one thing a day that brings the light to another, one moment of kindness, one caring thought, one thoughtful action, one heart-opening sharing, one prayer, one act of compassion. Each time you give when your heart is open, so that turns up your inner light, re-enforces your connection to your angel-self and with the ALL THAT IS.

You are an ambassador of LOVE upon this planet, and you are a BRINGER OF THE LIGHT. So bring that light to those around you, but also to yourself. Be kind to you, be generous to you, be loving to YOU. By BEING THE LIGHT you are bringing light not only to your immediate friends, family, and community, but also helping to illuminate the whole world! BE THE LIGHT dear sweet angel.. be the light. Much love you all! Emmanuel <3 <3

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