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LETTING GO – your past is done with you, if you are done with it

I wish to let you know that now is the PERFECT time to let go of your past.

There is no better time than RIGHT NOW, at the beginning of a year, indeed at the beginning of a new DECADE upon your planet, to let the past be left in the past.

There is so much suffering upon your planet, and much of that suffering is inflicted not by current events, but past events. There is a perception that you must relive and keep the traumas of the past with you, but we promise this is not true. We do not wish for you to keep the burdens of the past, all we ask is that you use them as an opportunity to learn and grow (which can be said for almost every event in the adventure called being human!) and then (and this is the part that gets left out mistakenly) LET THEM GO.

In the here and now, the past cannot exist – indeed that past by its very nature is behind you, it is not with you for it cannot be unless you decided to attach yourself to it, by thoughts, words or deeds. This brings the past into present life, in vivid colour and all the emotions attached to the memories are also brought back into existence.

But the human incarnation is one of choosing, you do not have to keep memories you do not wish to keep, you do not have to keep the suffering, hurt, or guilt that you have from your past. You can choose to let them go and letting go is a very powerful way to be more in the present, to be more in the here and now – to be free to live life to its fullest, moment by moment.

I am here to tell you the wonderful news that YOUR PAST IS DONE WITH YOU, IF YOU ARE DONE WITH YOUR PAST.

So, at the beginning of this new decade, is the PERFECT time to let go of what WAS and embrace what IS.

Reflect for a moment, what purpose does it serve to keep a hold of your misdemeanors and errors of your past – DOES IT SERVE YOU? – or are you using it as a stick to beat yourself up and put yourself down from time to time? I promise you as I have said before there are no ledgers kept in heaven, so there is no need to be hard upon yourselves, be kind, be forgiving and let go.

There is such freedom in forgiveness, such freedom in LETTING GO. So here is a little homework for you, to start the decade:

Write a list of that which you currently choose to hold onto from your past that has a disempowering or negative effect upon you.

Ask yourself – does this event merit keeping still? Does it serve me to still use it as something to prove I am unloveable or I am a bad person?

What have I learnt from this event? If I feel I am still learning – what else can I take from this, to allow me to let go and move on? If necessary, you may wish to write our HOW you have learnt from the event, and HOW it has helped shape your life going forwards.

Even the most traumatic of events can have transformatory powers, they are fierce teachers, that give direction and meaning to the human adventure. Sometime presents come very badly wrapped indeed, but it is about going beneath the exterior, the emotional response and hurt, and getting to the truth, the message, the life-learning that exists beneath.

If there were one thing us angels would do, if we could – it would be to relieve you of the burdens of your past. But I hope that today you can see, that your past is very much done with you, if you are done with it – and that the only purpose of the adventure called life is to learn and grow. So as soon as you have learnt, then you can LET IT GO.

You will find that by LETTING GO, there is so much more to your life – here in the present moment, the beauty and love that exists is to wonderful to express. Come be with us in that present moment, we await your company – with great delight!

All my love Emmanuel xxx

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