What’s it like having a 1-1 with Emmanuel?

“I’m quite certain that words will fail at describing the value of an experience with Emmanuel but I will try anyway… Channelled messages from a heart-centred being that is not of this world that are transmitted through a heart-centred human who is of this world. It’s like heaven meets earth. There is a symbiotic relationship between Jo and Emmanuel and it’s that beautiful relationship that adds value to the channelled messages. After my first session with Jo and Emmanuel … I knew I had found my guides. I’m an intuitive and I am the person who others come to for guidance. What a blessing to find a guide for myself. No ego…just authentic heart and wisdom. A rare and beautiful combination that I will be forever grateful for. Heart-centred wisdom that speaks to my mind but also spoke to my higher mind. Like I said earlier… Words fail to describe the sessions because so much of the session speaks to the part or us that doesn’t require words. These are sessions for your soul. And if your soul is in need of a heart-to-heart, or in need of some guidance, I suggest you find Jo and Emmanuel!” – K, New York, USA

“I have been getting readings from Jo and Emmanuel for several years and have never been disappointed.  The clarity, love, humour, and incredibly perfect guidance have helped me to adjust my course many times. With their loving approach I have found myself holding on to certain phrases they used, like a mantra, which effectively helped me to hold true to my course and live the life of LOVE that I intended. Thank you Jo and Emmanuel!” – M, Colorado, USA

What’s it like coming to an Emmanuel event? 

Here’s what just a few people have to say about their experience of an Emmanuel event:

“Being a part of Emmanuel’s day has been a beautifully profound heart expanding experience. Emmanuel’s advice has been amazingly practical! So much so that I feel ready to implement the wisdom of the teachings into my daily life and dare to be more than I have allowed myself to be one step at a time.”

“My experience of the day with Emmanuel and Jo was that of freedom from the constraints of conditioning that stops me being my true self. I could experience the love for myself, the love from others and the magnificent expansive love of the Universe. I feel empowered, loved, cherished and guided in my work and supported in my life. Thank you.”

“It has been all about connecting (re-connecting) with my-SELF in LOVE. Thank you.”

“Curiosity brought me – I didn’t know what to expect. Thank you Emmanuel for helping me remember the ONE in me, always.”

“This day has been challenging, relaxing, uplifting, emotional and ultimately full of LOVE. I am leaving with a big glow which will shine for a long time, thank you.”

“A wondrous day of transformation from the inside out and the outside in.”

“I feel the angels have driven me here today knowing that Emmanuel was strong enough to hold me, help me into my true self, to show me my life purpose. From the moment I walked into this room it has been the most profound and magical, self growing beautiful day in my life! Learnt so much, thank you!! Xxxx”

“Thank you Jo and Emmanuel. A wonderful day that gave me the opportunity to reflect and celebrate where I am on my journey in this lifetime.. and where and what I might ‘grow into’ next!”

“Enlightening, inspirational, comforting and loving.. thank you!”

“Spending the day with Jo and Emmanuel has been like giving a turbocharge to my self love. Emmanuel is funny as well as razor sharp with his answers to questions.”

“Twas like coming home again and being in a room full of our real family – friends and angels and love and truth. The welcome is.. well, very welcome! Xxx”