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Let me talk to you for a minute if I may about joy. When did you decide that you were not allowed it? What heinous crime do you feel that you have committed that forbids its presence in your life?
You are a child of God, you are an angel of the highest order! You have done nothing wrong. And certainly nothing so terrible as to deny you basic birthright to have JOY in your life.
You see you are JOY incarnate, you are JOY made flesh.
Yes you are born with many human frailties too, but that is all part of the divine plan as you are all too aware of.
And so embrace your humanity, and let yourself off the need to restrict yourself. There are infinite possibilities and you dearest ones are the creators of your lives.
So design, create, sculpt and shape!
You are the authors of your own lives, the painters of your futures.
So paint with LOVE and re-introduce joy back into your lives
Why? Because life is so much more fun when there is JOY in it!
Life is so much more satisfying when you finally realise that it is not designed by another but by you, the creator, author, director and designer.
Embrace your brilliance and embrace JOY.
And be kind to yourselves dearest ones, be.. KIND.
All my love Emmanuel xxxx

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