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Happy New Year – a new year’s message from Emmanuel

My dear sweet angels, now one year is behind you, let this be a time for setting your intention for the year to come. Remember, you are the authors of your story, noone else, and so it comes to you to decide HOW you would like the coming year, your next chapter in the story of your lives to be!

It’s an exciting time of year, mainly because the year awaits ahead of you waiting to be shaped. How will you shape yours? What will you write into your next chapter? The universe is awaiting your direction, your lives are awaiting your direction.

What will you put into 2017? Might I suggest and proffer that you add a little fun and perhaps a little lightness? There has been too much solemnity and too much darkness in your lives recently so let 2017 be a year to bring the light and the joy back into your lives.There will be habits that you will want to let go of, and new exciting things you will wish to bring in.

This time at the commencement of the year is the time to write the story YOU wish to live out. So if you are willing, why not sit down for a moment and write the next chapter of your life? What sort of adventures do you wish to have? What new experiences do you wish to explore? What do want to bring in, and what would you like to leave behind in the last chapter? This is a time of renewal, a time of making a new commitment to your-selves. A time to make a promise to to you to live life to the full and make sure that you are full of life!

I invite you to dare to create a new storyline, one that brings you fun, lightness, joy and delight! Remember that I, and your angels are ALWAYS with you, so as you write, know we are with you, helping you to dare to dream, to know that ALL IS POSSIBLE (for surely it truly is!) – So dear sweet angel, may all your dreams come to fruition, may all those that you love be happy, at peace, and full of love. May 2017 be the year that you let your light shine more fully! – All my love Emmanuel

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