Before you were born when you were decided what type of human adventure you wanted this lifetime around, you were sat together with your angel brothers and sisters talking about the adventures you might like to have, what lessons you’d like to explore, what challenges you’d like to face, this time around. As you were discussing it and refining the core curriculum of your adventure, so some of your angel friends decided that they too would like to come down with you. 

Now as there is no such thing as time where we are, some of these angels were born before you, some after you (in your earth-time). Some became actual friends, (you know who your soul friends are the first time you meet them) some may have come before and been a parent or a grandparent, some after and been a son, or granddaughter. Some may be angels you meet in your life, ones that help you to learn some big lessons, some that touch you and move you and remind you of the truth of who you are in the briefest of encounters. The homeless man on the street, the tough boss who teaches you how to stand up for yourself, the teacher who helped you believe in yourself and find your passion at school, the husband or partner who helped you see what real love is or what real love isn’t!  

You see Angels come in all shapes and sizes and are all around you. They may not know it, for they may not have remembered fully yet, but here is the beauty of the divine plan, not only are they in YOUR adventure this time around, but YOU are in THEIRS! And so, each reminds the other, as true friends often do.

You may well be the catalyst that transforms their life or helps them see something that up to that point they had not. Every interaction is the opportunity to help another have that ‘ahaa’ moment, to plant a seed that germinates long after they are no longer in your life.

Remember that, next time you come into contact with someone you recognise, even the most fleeting of meetings could be a moment of transformation for the other. 

So be rest assured there are many Angels in your life, and that are yet to come into the story of your life, your human adventure! They are all your angel brothers and sister, your eternal friends.

Look for us Angels, we are EVERYWHERE! 
Sending you love,

Emmanuel xx

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