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We have seen the recent devastation in parts of your world, we have heard the cries from those who have been displaced, homes lost, burned or destroyed, we send love & we send Angels to be with you in these challenging times. Our Angel brothers and sisters, we wish to remind you that you are not alone, we are with you, and we send our Ambassadors of Love to be with you too. 

We also want to remind you, those that are reading this, (yes you!) that it is YOU that ARE our AMBASSADORS OF LOVE! 

What does it mean to be an Ambassador of Love?

It is to be God’s (Love’s) representative on earth – where you are God is, where you are love is – and so if you are the Ambassador what would you use that love for? How can you be of service to those in need? How can you share God’s love with those that are perhaps not feeling that love right now or are too frightened, fearful, hurting or in pain to feel that love? 

We give you this prompt, this reminder, as right now there are people in your world, in your country, in your community who are in need of that love – who need to not feel alone, or abandoned, lost or uncared for but heard, seen, supported and cared for. 

We give you this role as Ambassador, not to be a burden on you, but to remind you of how powerful you are. You can give so much just by your very presence – remember, you are a bringer of the light and so where you are, and who you are with, is illuminated by your very presence. Just to BE with someone in the darkness will light that darkness and helps dissolve away their shadows. 

Sure, if you can, please do give financial assistance, give charity, donate what you can. But as Ambassador it is your presence, your kindness, your generosity and compassion that matters the most. 

Ask yourself, where can I be of service today? 


Listen to your heart, it is the perfect guide – it will tell you absolutely where you are needed as the Ambassador of Love today.

Perhaps it calls you to give your child an extra HUG today. Perhaps it calls you to give a little to the homeless person outside the coffee shop. Maybe LOVE calls you to work in a shelter, help in a soup kitchen, or go volunteer in a local community charity. Maybe LOVE calls you to phone a friend you’ve not called in a while, maybe LOVE calls you to show a kindness to another that is having a bad day?

LOVE calls and the Ambassador of Love goes forth to answer that call of LOVE. 

So now you know you ARE an Ambassador of Love – what will you do with that?

Where will love call you today? Tomorrow? 

LOVE has a mission for you, LOVE has a purpose for you. It is through becoming an Ambassador of Love that you will find your purpose, your mission. So go see where love calls you today, go share the wonderful, kind, loving, generous and compassionate Angel that you are with someone today – go be our Ambassador of Love. 

We send so much love to you all, and to our Angels sisters and brothers on the island of Maui we send our love. Know you are not alone, we walk with you, we are here to call upon, to be with you, to support, love, hold & help heal you anyway we can. Please DO call on us – we are here. 

All our love – Emmanuel & your angels xxx

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Before you were born when you were decided what type of human adventure you wanted this lifetime around, you were sat together with your angel brothers and sisters talking about the adventures you might like to have, what lessons you’d like to explore, what challenges you’d like to face, this time around. As you were discussing it and refining the core curriculum of your adventure, so some of your angel friends decided that they too would like to come down with you. 

Now as there is no such thing as time where we are, some of these angels were born before you, some after you (in your earth-time). Some became actual friends, (you know who your soul friends are the first time you meet them) some may have come before and been a parent or a grandparent, some after and been a son, or granddaughter. Some may be angels you meet in your life, ones that help you to learn some big lessons, some that touch you and move you and remind you of the truth of who you are in the briefest of encounters. The homeless man on the street, the tough boss who teaches you how to stand up for yourself, the teacher who helped you believe in yourself and find your passion at school, the husband or partner who helped you see what real love is or what real love isn’t!  

You see Angels come in all shapes and sizes and are all around you. They may not know it, for they may not have remembered fully yet, but here is the beauty of the divine plan, not only are they in YOUR adventure this time around, but YOU are in THEIRS! And so, each reminds the other, as true friends often do.

You may well be the catalyst that transforms their life or helps them see something that up to that point they had not. Every interaction is the opportunity to help another have that ‘ahaa’ moment, to plant a seed that germinates long after they are no longer in your life.

Remember that, next time you come into contact with someone you recognise, even the most fleeting of meetings could be a moment of transformation for the other. 

So be rest assured there are many Angels in your life, and that are yet to come into the story of your life, your human adventure! They are all your angel brothers and sister, your eternal friends.

Look for us Angels, we are EVERYWHERE! 
Sending you love,

Emmanuel xx

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I want to remind you in these challenging times that you are not alone. Let us be clear here, each and every single one of you has guardian angels that walk with you. These angels were assigned to you at birth, and they are your angel detail – yours alone. 

Your guardian angels are there to help, guide & support on the human adventure you are on this time around. Now if we were to ask your 4 year old self if you had angels that walked with you, your 4 year old self would look at you strangely and say.. ‘Yes of course, doesn’t everyone??’ but as you learn the norms of your society, what is and isn’t acceptable in your culture, you quickly learn that ‘imaginary friends’ (as guardian angels are often mistakenly called) aren’t the done thing! By your teenage years you have let the connection with your angels slip, not deliberately but you’re busy creating your human identity and exploring what this human adventure is all about. Then many will get wrapped up in the adventure, in the human story – falling in love, setting up home, having a career and creating a family. Being human becomes very real. Because in the world of illusion that you inhabit, it IS real. 

Then there will come a time when you start to ask the bigger questions. What am I here for? Is this all that there is to life? What is my purpose in life? You start to question what this human adventure is about, and start to remember that perhaps, just perhaps there is more to life than the stuff of life and what you’ve been taught and told. 

If you are reading this, the likelihood is you have asked all those questions, read some books, done some workshops, explored some spiritual traditions or practices, made some serious self-enquiry. You may have had one of those AHAA moments, a moment of awakening and you may now be earnestly stepping out on your own spiritual journey of self-discovery – searching for the truth of who you are. 

That is why I am writing to you today, to remind you that that Journey does not have to be a lonely one. You are not ALONE. Your guardian angels are with you every step of the way. 
It is my job today to reconnect you to your guardian angels and remind you of how to bring them in fully so that they can truly, help, support and guide you IN your world. How they can help with the ‘heavy lifting’ of life and help you choose your own adventure. 

Your guardian angels are with you, but not IN your world. They are in the realms of the angels but it is not as far away as you might think. In the early morning as you wake, and as you go to sleep in the night, the barrier between our worlds can be gossamer thin. These are the best times to engage and connect with your angels – in the bridge between the dreaming and the waking worlds. 

Your guardian angels will always protect you and are allowed to intervene when you are in mortal danger (and it is not yet your time to come home). This they will always do and will try to help and influence, remind and prompt you as well as they can from a distance (of being in a different realm). However, they can only do so much because there is an inviolable law of the universe that they cannot come into your world unless invited. 

So if you wish your guardian angels to have a more active role in your life, if you wish to feel their presence more and their positive influence, then it is important to invite them in to join you in the co-creation of your human adventure, the story of your life. 

How does one do this? Well, it is simple dearest one! Each morning as you awake, before you do anything else say – ‘Good morning my angels’

Then when you have done that invite them into your life, your day. 

‘My angels please be with me today. I invite you in to help, guide and support me in all that I do so that I can be the very best that I can be today. Thank you’ 

The invitation is then given, we can then come more fully into your world and be more active in our mission to help you on your journey, your mission here upon the earth. 

Then you can know that whatever happens that day happens for a reason. Be it good or not so good, no matter – all is an opportunity to learn and to grow. There will be good days and apparently not so good days, but have you ever noticed how sometimes it is the not so good days, the biggest challenges that often lead to the greatest AHAA moments, the greatest realisations and understandings? 

If you have invited us in, you can trust us to have your back, to have your best interests at heart always. It also means we can more actively prompt and help you see new pathways of possibility as they arise in your world. Help you to make the choices, take the steps needed to help you to remember the truth of who you are and rediscover your purpose – fulfil your earthly mission. 

Then at the end of the day before you go to sleep, perhaps just as you are about to put your head on your pillow, do acknowledge your angels presence. 

‘thank you for today my angels, good night’ 

And perhaps if you have had a particularly tough or demanding day, or perhaps you are unwell – then you can invite your guardian angels to join you, to wrap their wings around you & surround you with their LOVE. 

There will be times, and perhaps today as you wake is one of those times, when you will feel that life has got a little heavy, you have got a little too caught in the drama of it all, that life’s challenges are feeling a little overwhelming. 

This is where your guardian angels can really help. You see part of our job is to help take away your burdens, to lighten your load – not all of them, but certainly the heaviest of them for a little while, so that you might rest and recover yourself a little. 

I hope as a result of reading this today, you will remember the angels that walk with you. I hope that today you will once again reach out, reconnect and invite your guardian angels into your day, into your life, to help with your human adventure. 

And most of al I want to remind you that the burdens that you carry, are not yours alone to endure. Let us the angels that walk with you, your guardian angels do some of that heavy lifting, let us lighten your load a little – so that you can be free to really enjoy the human adventure you are upon. We love you, and we will be waiting for your call, for your invitation. 
See you in the morning dearest one, 

Emmanuel and your guardian angels xxx

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May Message from Emmanuel: Celebrating the fact that you’ve remembered you’ve forgotten – a way to relieve self-criticism

Ahhh, you humans are so hard on yourselves! If there were one thing we could relieve you of, it is the burden of self-judgement. All too often you pick up the metaphorical stick to beat yourselves up, for even the simplest forgettings that you have made or wrongs that you perceive you have done. 

Being human means, by its very nature, that you are going to forget. You are living in a world of illusion yet, its apparent reality is so believable that at times you will get caught up in the drama of it all, in the illusion, and that is perfectly normal, and perfectly OK. It’s all a part of the human adventure, it’s all part of why you chose to come down and have an experience upon this planet. It’s why you, as an angel, chose to come into form, you came to experience what it is to forget and then, most importantly to REMEMBER. 

When you remember, if only for a moment, then this is something to CELEBRATE! We, the angels that walk with you, are constantly celebrating your progress. You are never ever standing still, you never ever go backwards, you are only ever moving forwards. Sure, at times it will feel as if you are not, but we promise you, you ARE! If you could only see what we see, if you could only see just how AMAZING you really are, then you would not be so hard upon yourselves. 

It’s not easy being human. Being human comes with all sorts of things that you have to navigate – human emotions, society pressures, family and relationship dynamics, the mind and its fears, amongst many others. So, it is only natural that, at times, you will forget, you will get caught up in the complex web of human experience and forget from time to time. 

As a human being, you are not intended to be perfect, you will make mistakes, you will forget and that IS OK! It’s a natural part of what it is to be on this human adventure. However, what we would suggest is, that rather than beat yourself up every time you have forgotten or have made what you perceive to be a mistake, that you turn it around. Don’t see it as a negative thing, but as a positive. Because if you have NOTICED that you have forgotten, then YOU have actually REMEMBERED that you have forgotten. 

This is a subtle, yet profound teaching, but it is truth. If you have remembered that you have forgotten, if you can see that perhaps you have been caught up in the illusion or taken a wrong turn somewhere, then that means you are AWARE of it and can therefore do something now about it. Choose a different route, a different path, make a difference choice. THIS, dearest ones, is something to absolutely CELEBRATE! 

So, rather than beat yourself up for forgetting, CELEBRATE THE FACT THAT YOU HAVE REMEMBERED YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN. 

Let me say that again, don’t beat yourself up… CELEBRATE THE FACT THAT YOU HAVE REMEMBERED YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN.

You have come on this human adventure to ultimately remember the truth of who you are. So every moment of remembrance should be celebrated. 

How do you celebrate? Well that, dearest one, is up to you, however, I would suggest that perhaps you purchase a single flower (each time you remember) to serve as a beautiful reminder of just how often you are remembering!! Very quickly you will have a house full of flowers, and it will turn around your self-judgement and self-criticism, into something much more useful and practical. 


So why not spend this month, celebrating every remembrance? 

Remember, we are always with you, so when you celebrate, we will be there with you celebrating too! 

With all my love, 
Emmanuel xx

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