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We have seen the recent devastation in parts of your world, we have heard the cries from those who have been displaced, homes lost, burned or destroyed, we send love & we send Angels to be with you in these challenging times. Our Angel brothers and sisters, we wish to remind you that you are not alone, we are with you, and we send our Ambassadors of Love to be with you too. 

We also want to remind you, those that are reading this, (yes you!) that it is YOU that ARE our AMBASSADORS OF LOVE! 

What does it mean to be an Ambassador of Love?

It is to be God’s (Love’s) representative on earth – where you are God is, where you are love is – and so if you are the Ambassador what would you use that love for? How can you be of service to those in need? How can you share God’s love with those that are perhaps not feeling that love right now or are too frightened, fearful, hurting or in pain to feel that love? 

We give you this prompt, this reminder, as right now there are people in your world, in your country, in your community who are in need of that love – who need to not feel alone, or abandoned, lost or uncared for but heard, seen, supported and cared for. 

We give you this role as Ambassador, not to be a burden on you, but to remind you of how powerful you are. You can give so much just by your very presence – remember, you are a bringer of the light and so where you are, and who you are with, is illuminated by your very presence. Just to BE with someone in the darkness will light that darkness and helps dissolve away their shadows. 

Sure, if you can, please do give financial assistance, give charity, donate what you can. But as Ambassador it is your presence, your kindness, your generosity and compassion that matters the most. 

Ask yourself, where can I be of service today? 


Listen to your heart, it is the perfect guide – it will tell you absolutely where you are needed as the Ambassador of Love today.

Perhaps it calls you to give your child an extra HUG today. Perhaps it calls you to give a little to the homeless person outside the coffee shop. Maybe LOVE calls you to work in a shelter, help in a soup kitchen, or go volunteer in a local community charity. Maybe LOVE calls you to phone a friend you’ve not called in a while, maybe LOVE calls you to show a kindness to another that is having a bad day?

LOVE calls and the Ambassador of Love goes forth to answer that call of LOVE. 

So now you know you ARE an Ambassador of Love – what will you do with that?

Where will love call you today? Tomorrow? 

LOVE has a mission for you, LOVE has a purpose for you. It is through becoming an Ambassador of Love that you will find your purpose, your mission. So go see where love calls you today, go share the wonderful, kind, loving, generous and compassionate Angel that you are with someone today – go be our Ambassador of Love. 

We send so much love to you all, and to our Angels sisters and brothers on the island of Maui we send our love. Know you are not alone, we walk with you, we are here to call upon, to be with you, to support, love, hold & help heal you anyway we can. Please DO call on us – we are here. 

All our love – Emmanuel & your angels xxx

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