Inside of you there is a spiritual heart. The home of your angel-self, your soul if you will. You, as many of the greatest spiritual books have said, are god made manifest, you are divine and human both. It is within this spiritual heart that your divine-self resides. Your divine-self is still connected to the ‘ALL THAT IS’ and so the more you regularly connect with your divine-self, the more you re-connect to the infinite source of LOVE that IS, THE ALL THAT IS.

Connecting with your angel-self, your divine-self is much easier than you think. In fact, I offer this to you as something that anyone of you can do each and every morning as a practice. Each morning as you awake, before you do anything else, just spend a moment (in that wonderful space between dreaming and waking consciousness) to breathe consciously and, with each breath, to go within. As you take that inner-journey, begin to visualise your spiritual heart, no matter what you imagine it to be, just ‘see it’ however it comes to you. With each breath, you move towards it, then with the next breath you are IN it. This is the sanctuary of your soul, the residing place of your angel-self. Here there is just warmth, light, and an abundance of LOVE. As you sit within this space, BREATHE in the love that is all around you. Let it flow into you with each breath, it is like air only finer, golden, warm, restorative and healing. As you breath in that love, so the love fills you from tip to toe, flowing through your human body, filling your inner fuel tank of love. 

Keep breathing until you feel that your body, heart and soul are full, your mind empty of thought or worry. Breathe until your own inner fuel tank of love is topped up for the day. You will know this has happened as your eyes will naturally open, as if you are waking for the first time that morning. See the world around you, your bedroom, the view from your window, your beloved, your children, your pets, whoever is close to you as you wake – through those eyes of LOVE. This is how we, your angels, see you. 

There is no better way to start your day. This practice is a reminder, that inside of you is all the LOVE you will ever need. Just be re-connecting with that love that is within you, you ensure that your day will be a better day. 

May all your days be better days, may the love that is within you guide you and sustain you. 

With all my love, 

Emmanuel xx

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