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Don’t be downhearted, there’s so much love coming your way!

I know that at times life can get you down, it can feel like a struggle, but I promise you it is not designed that way. We do not send you struggle, we send you LOVE.

It is easy to feel that you must deal with everything you face, that at the end of the day it is you who must do what needs to be done, but I promise you this is not the case! The only thing you need do is.. (and I suggest that you do this right now as you are reading this) stop, whatever you are doing right now, just stop.

Be still. Close your eyes and breathe. Become aware of the light that is coming, starting to light up from within your spiritual heart, your human chest. Breathe into that light and connect. This is the connection to the all that is, it is the bridge from our world to yours. It is like a power plug and that power is LOVE a universal adaptor that allows you to plug into the POWER OF GOD’S LOVE. So PLUG IN, and allow the bridge of LOVE to flow freely.

When the doorway to your heart, the bridge into your body is closed then it is much harder for us to give you the love that you need to top up your internal fuel tanks of love. It is hard for us to stoke the fires that allow your light to shine more brightly.

We ARE here and we are HERE always ready with our hearts wide open to shine the light of LOVE upon you, to share the limitless LOVE of the universe that is yours to receive. Are you ready now? Are you plugged in, your bridge reconnected and open for us?

You should feel a warm glow in your chest now as the flow of LOVE from us to you begins. Feel that warmth as it grows and spreads within your body. Notice the light that is beginning to emenate from within you, it is growing in strength, you are beginning to shine are you not?

Let that light shine, let the love that is flowing to you now fill you up. Fill your fuel tank of LOVE right up! Can you feel it? Are you full yet? Do not worry we have more than enough.. the ‘ALL THAT IS’ has plenty to share! Allow God’s love to fill you – heart, mind, body and soul.

You are a child of god, remember that, and as such God is willing to feed you with his love, and we the ambassadors of that LOVE are here ready to fill you!

SO LET LOVE IN, AND LET THAT LOVE SHINE. Now you are full, share that love with those you love, and let the love that is within you, reach out across the oceans to those you have not even met yet. Don’t be downhearted – when you stop, breathe and reconnect, you’ll find there is SO MUCH LOVE COMING YOUR WAY! All my love, Emmanuel <3 <3

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