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What do YOU choose?

There are times in your life when you asked ‘which way do you wish to go?’ ‘what do you stand for now?’ ‘what do you choose at this time in your life?’ by the universe. These are choice points, they are the major choices that either bring you close to alignment to your purpose or temporarily move you further away.

This is one of those times.. do you choose love? Or do you choose fear? Do you choose the heart? Or do you choose the head? Do you choose to stand together or to split apart? You are all human beings and as such you have a shared set of values – it’s written into your DNA.

There are very very few people who wake up in the morning and say ‘how can I spread fear and violence and harm my fellow humans today?’. They are the tiny minority, most of you DO CARE, most of you DO WANT TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE, WANT TO BE THE BEST THAT YOU CAN BE.

That is why you have come here, to help with the transformation of your planet. It is part of your very make up and you know this, you hear it in your quiet moments – ‘I know I am here to make a difference, that I am here for a reason’ – it is not the only reason, you will have many, but it is a part of why you are all here.

Each and everyone of you has a voice, and that voice will, with time be truly heard. Now is a time to stand together for what is right, for what you believe in. Please notice that your voice DOES MATTER, that is DOES COUNT. So what will you do with your voice now you know it is starting to be heard? Will you shrink back in apathy? Or will you stand up and make it heard more loudly?

It is time to come together, to stand together and work together – to unify your voices into a great choir that asks for simple but profound changes. When you do this in the name of humanity, decency and LOVE, there is nothing that you cannot achieve, there is nothing that is impossible.

So start dreaming again, start believing that change IS POSSIBLE, that IT IS INEVITABLE. The choice is yours.. so what do YOU choose?

Sending you so much love, support and gratitude for all that you are – Emmanuel   

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