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In Service to the Army of Love

Dearest angels, I am here today to call you to arms. To call you up in the service of the army of love.

There is no better time than now to choose LOVE in your life. You are all in the service of love, you all answered the call of love in order to be on this planet. And now it is time to begin your missions, to start amassing loves’ soldiers and to march forward into the battles that you all face day to day. The battle between fear and love.

Of course ultimately there is only love, but today in your world there is so much fear is there not? So take time today to remember your true calling, to remember that you are angels here on a mission. You are all aware of this in the quiet times, in the moments of knowing.

So what is your mission? Where is there purpose in your life? Well dearest one the mission is simple, it is to recapture the earth to transform it back into what it once was.. to recreate heaven on earth.

So what do you choose today? Do you choose love or do you choose fear? It is time to rebalance the scales, to raise up and proclaim love as your standard, as your flag of truth. So complete this sentence for me if you will.. 

“I am (your name) and I am here in the service of love” 

Say this everyday for a week, and feel us your fellow angels rally to your call and be at your side. There is so much darkness right now. But can you see beneath it? There is SO MUCH LIGHT dearest ones, and it is you all who will bring the light back to your planet.

Let today be the day you recommit to your mission on this planet. Let this be the day you remember the truth of who you are. I know you are ready, and we your angels are with you.

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