The greatest love is self-love

There is no greater love on the planet than self-love.
Yes of course it is lovely to give and receive love but ultimately that love must start with yourself.

You see when you love yourself fully and totally, then all other love is a bonus. Now we know that this is perhaps easier said than done in your world, however we promise you that when you fall back in love with yourself and all your perceived imperfections that you will find that life and everything in it becomes that bit easier.

We know that many of your struggle with the concept of self-love.

“Isn’t self love selfish Emmanuel?” – yes it is and I am here today to tell you that there is nothing wrong with being selfish!

You see so many of you give your love away but you leave your own tank of love running on empty and there is not enough at the end of the day for your own dear sweet selves. Because you ARE love then it is important to keep topping up that tank, filling yourself with love so that then when you give, you give more freely, more abundantly and without condition or needs or wants.

So being selfish is actually a good thing, because when you fill yourself first you will then have so much more to give to those you love and even to those that you do not know! Random acts of kindness and love come spontaneously when you are full of love. You are no longer dependent on the love of others, you can see the dance, the intertwined webs of relationships and needs and desires. You begin to understand that LOVE is not an external but an INTERNAL thing. You must give love firstly to yourself, then to others.

Dear sweet angel know that we your angels love you, unconditionally. You are SO LOVED and SO HELD by the all that is.

Simply close your eyes now, and feel that love as it flows from us to you.. Really, let that love in, let yourself be nourished and given to. You see everyone deserves to be happy, deserves to be loved. So LOVE WHO YOU ARE, you are a beautiful, magnificent angel, who is very loveable, very loveable indeed!

All our love, Emmanuel and your angels xxxx

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