Believe In Love

For almost every ailment upon your planet there is one simple answer. It is of course.. LOVE. There are many of you right now in the grip of fear, fear of finances, fear of failure, fear of a loss of love, fear of losing your job, fear of not having enough, fear, fear fear FEAR.

Let me tell you now, that FEAR is not real, it is your own creation. So let it go, just as you let your every out breath go, let FEAR go too. It is an illusion it is not real it is only as real as you let it be.

‘But Emmanuel’ I hear one of your sweet minds step in ‘my financial problems are absolutely real’ Maybe they are or maybe you need to change your relationship to them.

When you talk of relationship, it is important to know that FEAR should not be allowed in to any relationship, be that with another angel, with your money, with your children.

There is a disease of fear right now, it is like a FOG that is choking your planet and choking your own inner self. It is time to stop believing in fear and start believing in LOVE. LOVE might I just point out is not wishy-washy it is all powerful more powerful than you can believe and when you let yourself go into that love there is nothing more powerful to be surrounded in that love, to float on the waves of that ocean of LOVE.

LOVE feels like HOME.

It feels natural, because love is your true nature, you were born to LOVE not to fear. Yes, there is a predominance of fear on your planet right now, but we your angels implore you not to believe what you see and hear. To trust your hearts’ wisdom, the knowing that you have in the core of your being.

When you follow LOVE’s call there maybe dramas, their maybe difficulties and challenges along the way, but that is all your human stuff, your story/your drama being played out, it will only hold you back if you allow it to. So let go, let go into the flow of love. Don’t let the everyday overwhelm and drown you, realise that we are here arms outstretched on the bank of that river of emotion, there is a safety line of love and all you need do is pull on that safety line and you will be pulled immediately to safety.

It is a mistake to think that you must face your fears by yourself, there is a team of angels (both earthly angels in form and real angels not in form) that are here to help you and support you through the daily challenges you face. There is nothing that is sent you that you have to deal with alone. And there is nothing that is sent you in your life that you cannot deal with – that we promise and I promise you that when you choose love over fear the fog WILL Lift and things will become clearer again.

You see behind the fog of fear there is the bright sunshine of LOVE. Let the rays of love cut through your fear, dissipate that fog and let yourself breathe easy again, safe in the knowledge that we your angels are with you.

LOVE is a way of life, it is a choice. So choose LOVE today.

Is there someone that needs your love right now? Even if that person is you, please share your love freely. For TRUE Love has no conditions and if you are feeling that your life is out of control, merely focus on that which you LOVE, that which brings you JOY, that which brings you closer to what you know to be the truth of who you are.

Do not fear LOVE, I promise you cannot drown in LOVE, yes it can move you, it can sometimes feel overwhelming, but it will never drown you. It will only ever lift you up, into the higher you, the Angel you.

You are angels all, yes even you, dear sweet angel reading this!

It is time to believe in something different. Its time to believe in who you are and believe in LOVE. Believe in LOVE and LOVE will never let you down.

LOVE is eternal it is the very fabric of the universe and it is what you are made from. You are LOVE in form. SO LOVE BEING IN FORM and choose LOVE today over fear. Whatever the choice, always follow your heart and choose love and you will not go far wrong, in fact you will be moving forward towards your ultimate destination, which is of course uncovering the truth of who you are.. and who are you?? You are an angel and you are love personified. So stop believing what FEAR whispers in your ears, when you choose LOVE everything becomes possible, there is nothing that is impossible.

So right now, chose to believe in something better, something more beautiful and more powerful than anything in existence on your planet or indeed in the universe as a whole.


Believe in LOVE because LOVE believes in you. You know why you are reading this message today, and you know now what you have to do..

I love you all so very much, Emmanuel xxxxx

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