Do not doubt, do not fear, you are in safe hands

Dearest sweet angels, this morning I am here to remind you that you are held.. You are supported and you are held. You are held by eternity, and you are supported and guided (should you ask for help) by us, your angel brothers and sisters.

I know that at times the human journey can feel like a lonely one, but I promise you it is not! You are not alone, you have your own personal detail of angels that are assigned to you that look after you and love you and HOLD YOU. So do not doubt, do not fear, for you are in VERY safe hands!

What does this mean in practise?

Well, dearest sweet angels it means that everything in your life happens for a reason. It means that once you ask for help (And please do remember that us angels can only help if you ask for it, we cannot interfere in the free will of being human on your planet!) we can be there to help support and guide you on your journey. You need only ask and there we are, your angelic support team.

We have a vast library of knowledge, wisdom and love to tap into, we have access to the ‘all that is’ – so call on us as there’s not much we haven’t seen or helped with over the eternity that we have been doing this supporting role. We delight in helping when we can and we delight in doing all we can to ensure that you remember the truth of who you are and remember the divine mission that you are here to complete. So when you think that mission is a mission impossible, I promise you that with us by your side (and we are ALWAYS by your side) then ALL IS POSSIBLE and in fact NOTHING is impossible!

You see you are not here to struggle or worry, although these may be emotions that you have felt recently, and that is perfectly fine as one of the side-effects of being human is the gamut of human emotions that come with being in a body! However let those emotions move through you, like a wave gently crashing upon the shore. Once the wave of emotion (remember emotion means ‘things that move me’ if you block them they will not dissipate they will only grow stronger) is allowed free passage then I promise you that the wave will dissipate and you can return to your mission.

So allow emotions, and do not fear them, they are there as part of the deal of being human, just let the wave crash and then gently you will feel the emotion recede back into the ocean of love that IS you.

Right now you are forgetting just how magnificent an angel you are! You are love personified (quite literally LOVE in form!) and therefore there is nothing you cannot do, there is no mission impossible for you. And when things get tough, when they get a little difficult, when the challenge feels too much, when you feel as if you are being overwhelmed, well NOW you know that you have a support team of angels on call 24/7.

All you need to do is ask and we are there, holding you and supporting you, guiding you back to your path, aiding you in your earthly mission! So do not fear, do not doubt, do not worry, they do not bring solace, but an angels’ wings do!

Remember you are in our embrace and you are in safe hands.. I promise you. Much love Emmanuel xxxx

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