To love, Be Loved and Be Love

I am often asked ‘Why are we here?’ ‘What is life’s purpose?’ – well today I wish to answer that more fully than I have ever before. And yet I will answer it incredibly simply and succinctly in a way that all of you can understand and appreciate and experience in your own sweet ways.

The purpose of life is:

To LOVE, to be LOVED and to BE LOVE.

There will be many adventures and challenges along the way, but if LOVE is your way, if you answer the call of LOVE wherever it takes you, if you understand that LOVE IS your destination and IS WHO YOU ARE, if you allow yourself to BE LOVED as well as loving others, and LOVE your SELF as much as you love your nearest and dearest, then I promise you that you ARE fulfilling your mission and your reason for being on this planet.

– I love you. Emmanuel xxxx

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