Don’t take life TOO seriously

My dearest sweet friends, I am here this morning to remind you that Life is for the living, it is a wonderful adventure in consciousness and growth and as such should not be taken too seriously.

There is a terrible disease infecting your planet right now it is called the disease of earnestness otherwise known as taking life too seriously!

As you are angels all (Yes even you, the dear sweet angel reading this message right now) then your very nature is to love, to have fun and be joyous. I hear your minds as they respond in unison –

“Fun? Being joyous? – but Emmanuel it is a Monday morning and I’m at work and its not fun and its certainly not feeling joyous!”

Well my dear sweet angels THIS is the challenge!
You see life is not designed to be hard, it is designed to be simple. It is not designed to test and stress you out, it is designed to work with you and for you. I know that right now for many of you it does not feel like that. Life feels hard, a continual test, a daily challenge, but I promise you that is not coming from us, it is of your own creation.

If given a genuine choice I do not think that most of you would choose to make life hard, or choose fear over love. I am now inviting you to make a different choice, I am asking you to right now choose love, choose lightness and to choose JOY.

I like JOY for you cannot be ‘half-Joyful’ you either are joyous or you are not. It is time to remember that life is not a test, it is not something to struggle through it is an adventure. And as with all adventures there will be challenges along the way, however these challenges are not designed to overwhelm you or cause you pain, they are designed to help you grow, to help you develop and evolve and to remember the truth of who you are.

Sometimes we all need a push or a shove in the right direction and sometimes dearest ones we reluctantly do that, however we’d much prefer (as would the ‘all that is’) to help you, support you and guide you gently to your destination, to your mission, your purpose for being here.

So that is what I am doing now, I am asking you to remember your natural self, your natural state. For your natural angel state is one of joy, wonder and playfulness.

If life has become hard for you, has become overwhelming, then start to lighten your life up. Quite literally! Light your house with candles, fill your home with beautiful smells, and surround yourselves with things you love. See life more as an adventure, for that is precisely what it is.. wake up not with dread but with the excitement of a small child –

‘what will I do today to bring myself fun, joy and laughter?’ –

Put those as priorities on your daily ‘to do’ list!

Laughter is a bridge to god, it is the language of angels, it is the pathway to your heart. So when life gets too much.. laugh at it dearest ones, do not let it catch you. For I promise you that life is much easier when seen through the lens of laughter, fun, playfulness and joy. You will begin to notice just how many things there are around you designed to bring you that joy.

All the great saints that have ever lived, did not take life seriously, they laughed at fear and embraced LOVE.

One small step is all it takes to start the journey back to JOY, so do one thing today, RIGHT NOW if you can that will make you smile, give a lift to your heart and reconnect you with the joyful, playful, magnificent angel that you really are.

Life is not a test, it is a game.. a child’s game, where everyone wins in the end.

So my dear sweet angels go play, go have fun, and lighten up! Life is too important to be taken seriously, and I promise you that with just this simple shift in perception that your apparently hard lives will become easier and simpler.

And remember, you do not do this alone, oh no! You have us, your angels with you! We are always here and we are always with you, know that..

All our love Emmanuel, and your angels xxxx

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