Listen to your heart

Many people ask me ‘what is my purpose Emmanuel?’ ‘what am I here for?’ Being where I am it is easy to see the path that is laid out before those that ask such questions, but it is not within my remit to reveal this, only to prompt and encourage the asker to listen to their heart.

You see the heart is a wonderful compass, it is perfect in design. It is not just the abode of love, it is your connection to home and it is your compass on this journey of the heart.

You see you have learnt dear sweet angels to listen more readily to the voice of fear than the voice of love. Too often we see you stumbling and falling as you follow the advice of fear and ignore the calling of your heart. But all is not lost dearest ones, it is merely the case of retuning your internal radio station from to

At first when you re-tune you will need to listen in silence to hear the whisper of your heart. But soon as you begin to listen more deeply and more often so the voice of your heart will become clearer more defined and more definite in its urging.

You see your heart is the most wonderful internal satellite navigation system, it is your own personal satnav through life. Once you turn the stanav on and you begin to follow its prompts and suggestions – the route, the path toward your destination becomes clearer and clearer.

There will come a time dearest ones when you will absolutely KNOW what your destination is, you will find that all important key to the mission of your life. Your path will be laid out before you, but you will not rush, you will take your time for you will have come to understand that the Journey is just as important as arriving at your destination.

Let me clear with you, you WILL reach your destination and you WILL find your purpose. That is an inevitability, it is not in question.

So ENJOY your journey! Embrace what it is to be human and embrace the wonders of life! Your purpose is there awaiting you in the depths of your heart, it is not going anywhere.. so listen carefully to the voice of your heart, listen to the voice of love that is within you and let it guide you.

All my love Emmanuel xxx

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