You are never alone

Dearest ones I am conscious that many of you right now do not realise that you always have company, that you do not have to face the adventure of life, the adventure of being human alone!

You see when you are in the one and you are choosing which incarnation which human life to take next, you also choose the angel friends that will come with you on that journey.

You see the human adventure is not a solo one. When you choose to come into the world of illusion, you bring your friends with you! Some of those friends will come into your life in form, as friends, parents, lovers, teachers etc and then there are others who will not be in form, these dearest ones are the ones that I wish to re-introduce you too. It is easy to see the angels that are around you in your life, you all have had those ‘a-haa!’ moments when you have met someone and known in your heart of hearts that you have known them forever! These are your angel friends in form. But many of you have forgotten that there are just as many angels literally BEING with you every step of the journey called life so far!

When you were a small child you saw your angels, others may have called them ‘your imaginary friends’ but you just KNEW that these were your ‘real friends’ they just didn’t have physical bodies the same as your friends from school. Then their came a time when you started to believe what your parents and your teachers at school said, that maybe these friends were imaginary and at that point they began to fade and they did not feel so real. Then in the shift into adulthood, it was felt that it really was not ‘good form’ to imagine seeing people and certainly not to listen to what they had to say! And so you forgot about your angels, but they I promise did NOT forget about you! And they have NEVER EVER LEFT YOUR SIDE.

Let me say that again, each and every one of you have at least ONE GUARDIAN ANGEL THAT HAS NEVER LEFT YOUR SIDE.

You see before you were born you chose some of your closest angel brothers and sisters to be WITH YOU on this journey. You see your mission is too important to not have support and guidance, some of that support and guidance comes from your earthly angels (friends, teachers, parents etc) but the most vital and direct support comes from your guardian angels. Each and every one of you reading this, (yes, even you dear sweet angel!) has a detail of angels assigned to you at birth. You have angels that walk with you at all times, they are assigned to you and NO OTHER. They are your personal detail of angels. They are your friends, your eternal friends and they wish to reconnect with you now!

So close your eyes for a moment.. go on, close your eyes just for a minute or two..

now hold out your hand, palm up.

Your guardian angel/angels are now going to touch/hold your hand.

Can you feel them?

What are they saying to you RIGHT NOW??

Do you feel their love, their warmth? Do you feel their angel wings as they wrap themselves around you and surround you in their love?

Please know that all that is required is that every morning as you wake you acknowledge their presence merely say

‘good morning my angels! – be with me today and help guide and support me so that I can have a wonderful day’

and then (making sure you have left space on the back seat of your automobile so that they can get in with you) you can leave the rest to us.

You see life becomes so much lighter, so much more FUN when you know you have a cohort of angel friends, brothers and sisters with you.

We are playful, and we are sometimes mischievous! If you wish to know who it is who moves your car keys.. it is US!!

So take time each day to remind yourself and to remember that life is not a solo journey, it is a journey taken with FRIENDS. It is an adventure of a life time. And that adventure is never done alone, it is always done in company. So I hope now you will take time each morning to check in with your guardian angels, they are awaiting your call, and they are always here for you, at your service!

All our love, Emmanuel and your guardian angels xxxxx

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