Don’t be afraid to Love

During the wonderful adventure called being human, there are many trials and tribulations, many heart breaks and many heart delights! One of the heart breaking things for us your angels to watch as we are with you on the journey is the fear that grows inside many of you. The fear to love for fear of being hurt.

What we know that you do not is that the heart is designed to break. Yes it is written into the very fabric and make up of the heart and indeed it makes your heart stronger not weaker to have had it broken.

You see when you see the beauty and the suffering around you, when you see the beauty and the perfection even in the suffering, then your heart breaks a thousand times. It will break over and over and over and it will stimulate you into action, into more than just tears it will stimulate you compassion muscle (Ha! You didn’t know you had a compassion muscle did you??!) I am only joking and yet it is true! – for when your heart has been broken over and over it becomes more than just a bio-mechanical heart something that pumps blood and oxygen through your body, it becomes a place where you can connect with the divine both inside and outside of yourself. It is always this, however it takes a few heart breaks for you to realise that the only love you need is inside of you. So do not be afraid to love. As a great poet once said ‘love like you’ve never been hurt’

You see Love is all powerful and it IS all that is. When you love fully and completely you are making manifest the glory of god that is within and without you. You are being a magnificent angel and you will shine. Will you get hurt? Maybe, but that is all part of the adventure it is all part of this human journey you are upon. When you get stung by a bee does it stop you admiring the beauty of it? When you get caught by a thorn on a rose does it stop you smelling it fragrance? No of course not. Well know this, there is nothing to fear when you step INTO love with another. For IN LOVE fear cannot exist. It is only when you step out of love, when you listen to the doubts and take them on board that fear steps in and says
‘A-HAAA!!’ now you will experience the fear and pain of heart break..”
NO this is not true fear, you will experience the pain of separation from the truth of who you are, from the LOVE you have just stepped out of.

So step into love, DIVE into love whole heartedly and know that LOVE cannot hurt you, only separation from LOVE can. And even then, know that your heart was designed to be broken and designed to heal, and every time it breaks its capacity to LOVE and BE LOVE grows, your heart literally GROWS through heartbreak.

So dare to LOVE, dare to dive headlong in and remember to let go of fears’ hand as you jump. LOVE is not something to be afraid of it is something to feed your growth and to reconnect you back to your source, to your very essence to the very truth of who you are.

YOU ARE LOVE expressing itself, YOU ARE LOVE itself. So be IN LOVE with others yes, but also more importantly with YOUR SELF. There is an incredible amount of love within you, for you are made of love, so tap into that love as often as you dare. And remember when you are IN LOVE fear cannot exist, for fear cannot exist in the presence of love.

SO LOVE LOVE LOVE! And know that we, your angels and your guides love you so very much, so feel OUR love for you too! Love Emmanuel xxxxx

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