Do not worry, do not fear love is on the way

Wherever you are right now in your life, know that love is never far away. Indeed love is right here right now if you are open to it. If you are open to receive it, and ready for the gift of love that is being sent right now from the all that IS to you.
Yes I am speaking to you dearest one, not the person behind you or the person at your side. I am talking to you, reminding you that love is not only there in the good times but also love is available to you at ALL times.
Simply open up your heart, it is not as hard as you think it will be. You will not be hurt, you will not be taken advantage of, for love dissolves away all of these fears those negative thoughts. Your heart is a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of life. In the heart YOUR SPIRITUAL self resides, your true self lives. You see you are not just a human being, you are also an angel. An angel having a human experience, enjoying the journey and loving life! So if you want love in your life, give love. In fact stop for a moment and give love right now. Send love to someone that you care about and that you wish to know love. And If your heart yearns to be free, if your heart yearns to know true love. Then stop for a moment. Just stop. Close your eyes and imagine that the whole world is here to serve and love you. Now feel that love as it is sent to you. Open up your heart, let the door to your heart swing wide open. Let the love in. Let it in. Do not resist it, do not fear it, merely receive it.
Can you feel it?
Know that you have a right to be loved. And you ARE LOVED. Right now you are being loved and being sent more love than you can possible imagine. Let us, your angels surround you in our love. Let us love you dearest one, let us hold you in our angel wings.
If you wish to know love, then love others as you would love to be loved yourself. And know that we your angels love you and that LOVE is all that is, so tap into that love, we promise you it will not run out. It is eternal, as are you. All our love Emmanuel and your angels xxxxx

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