The Beauty of life

Don’t let the world pass you by and don’t let your life pass you by.

There is so much to be grateful for dear sweet angels and so much beauty if you will only stop and listen to sounds of the forest, the sea, the sun, the grass, the flowers.

Beauty is everywhere all around you. Its time to stop the busyness, and slip into slowlyness. When you stop enough the world stops being a blur and comes into focus. Now you can see the colours, hear the sounds, and breathe in the beauty of creation.

Did you know it was waiting just for you? The world is waiting for you to stop.

Why not stop a while, and just breathe? Breathe the beauty in, let the world feed you for a change, you are hungry are you not? So feast on that which is laid before you in this present moment, feed your hungry heart with the beauty of that which is all around you.

Let the love in, let the light in, let it all in.. be beautiful, be perfect, be YOU. All my love Emmanuel xxx

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