You can come home anytime you wish!

There are times at which life on your planet can feel overwhelming. Times when things feel like they are just too much for you.

Its not easy being human and us angels absolutely understand and admire all that you put up with in your human journeys. So I thought it a good idea to remind you that you have access to the best spa in town. It is the ‘angel spa’ – and it is your home.

When things feel as if they are getting on top of you, when you are feeling the pressure and demands of life are wearing you down. When it feels as if there is no energy left to give, no respite from the ‘non-stopness’ of the world and you are just plain exhausted. Know that you can come home anytime you wish!

You see we are here with you always. You have guardian angels that are assigned specifically just for you, they are your personal guard, your personal detail of angels. They are there at your beck and call, there to support you, guide you, remind you and most importantly to LOVE YOU. And so when you feel that things are getting too much, that you are run out of energy and need to re-energise and get your vitality back, then simply ask us to help.

As you go to bed, simply contact your angels and let them know that you wish to ‘go home’ as you sleep. Then as your mind drifts off, we take you back home, to the light, to the most amazingly perfect spa that exists!

This is soul recuperation, soul reconnection and soul LOVE. When you reconnect with source, you reconnect with the all that is and reconnect with the inexhaustible supply of energy that is the love of the universe.

So just as you plug in your mobile phones at night to recharge, why not plug yourself back into the ultimate source, and go visit the ultimate spa? Then you will wake up refreshed and ready for the next exciting stage of your adventure!

All that is required is that you ask your angels before you go to sleep and we will bring you HOME. So call on us, anytime, we promise we will be there to escort you HOME.

We love you you know, very very much and we are here for you 24/7. All our love, Emmanuel and your Angels xxxx

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