Falling in Love with yourselves again

There is a major disease on your planet. It is causing much heartbreak and unnecessary suffering. It is the dis-ease of being out of love with your-selves.

To be out of love with your-self is to be out of touch with the truth of who you really are. There is a feeling of being out of balance, being ‘out of sorts’. This is because you have separated the angel you (your real self) from your human self. In reality there is no separation, you are angel and human both.

I have mentioned this many times before, and I am here today to remind you that if you were to see you as I see you all then you would have no problem in falling back in love with yourselves. For you are magnificent beings of light. Radiating love and light in a world of darkness.

You see many of you have been caught by the illusion, been caught up in the fear that you are unworthy of love. That you have committed some heinous crime just by forgetting and being human. But that is what you are here to do dearest ones! To be human, to forget, to embrace your human frailties and love them regardless. 

It can be hard to love, your anger, your guilt, your shame, your human frailties, and yet it is a perfect part of who you are. Yes, it is a part of your angel-self having this human experience. So do not push that part of you away, indeed embrace it. Love it. Own it. Can you see what wonderful amazing beautiful beings you are?

How brave to come into the world of forgetting and dare to be you in all your imperfections! We admire and honour your journey into the illusion. We are applauding your work right now, we are so very proud of you and all that you do. It is a miracle that you remember at all, so please remind yourself that perfection is not the aim. The aim is to remember, and to catch yourself remembering more and more. It is to be human yes, but also to remember your angel-self and bring that more and more into your lives, into your work and into every interaction you have.

So how do you bring your-self into balance? How do you reconnect with the truth of who you are? Simply own your divinity as much as you own your humanity.. Yes, you heard me right. Embrace you angel-self as often as you embrace your human frailties. Notice the angel you as often as you notice the human you. Realise that one is not possible without the other. This is a journey of unity, not of division. When you begin to embrace your angel-self, you will find that it comes more and more into your life, and you will find that you are loving your-self more and more.

You see? Falling in love with yourself, is much easier than you think. So as you would fall in love with another, their angel self and their human self.. fall in love with yourselves too. It really is that easy.

A great saint once said – love thy neighbour as you would love yourself.. He was right. So fall in love with yourselves, go on.. and we your angels will be with you.

All my love Emmanuel xxx

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