Embracing your human frailties

I am here today to remind you all, that it is quite OK to forget, to not get it right, to get stuck and to get caught in the webs that the world of illusion that you live in weaves so cleverly. It is all part of the design, and it is all part of the plan.. it is all perfect. 

“Perfect?? Emmanuel.. really? You sure about that?” – I hear you all say.

 Yes. Its all perfect. IT always is. Its just that sometimes its not very clear, its not very obviously so. And that dearest ones is why I am talking to you today. To remind you, to get happy with imperfection and to embrace your ‘human frailties’ as I like to call them, and remember the truth of who you really are. 

You were born into this form, this human form so that you could experience what it was like to be in form, to experience what it was to laugh, to cry, to rage, to giggle, to love, to learn, to forget and then to remember. The vehicle in which you came into your world was designed perfectly in all its imperfections so that you might all have the opportunity to really ENJOY what it is to be in a body, to experience life away from home… 

Remember what it was like to be away from home the first time? Everything was an adventure! Everything was something to be embraced and fully experienced! So embrace your imperfection and learn to love ALL of you, your human frailties included.. They are a part of you too. And when it all gets a bit too much, when it all gets a little heavy? Then simply give up! Yes you heard me right.. GIVE UP!

Just lean back and let us your angels take the load from you. We are here, right now, as I am speaking and you are reading this we are with you. 

So lean back, go on.. do it now. 

Lean back into our embrace, let us hold you. There is no need to hold on to fear any longer, you can let that go.

Trust us. 

Come back into remembrance, come back into our arms. 

We promise we will not let you fall, we will merely hold you and love you. Protect you and help you to come back into the flow, into the love of all that is. 

We love you all, imperfections, frailties and flaws we do not see them. When I look at you, all I see is the beauty and the love and the perfection, and one day you will look in the mirror and see what I see, and you will laugh and you will cry, and you heart will fill with love until it is overflowing.. and you will embrace your human frailties with a new vigour and with a new delight. You will love them almost as much as you love you. 

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