Brighter than a thousand suns..

As you look out of your window today can you see the sun? Is it shining where you are? Can you see its brilliance? Can you feel its warmth? Can you see it shining from within? Can you see its inner glow?

Did you know that the sun is a perfect reflection of the truth of who you are? – YOU are that brilliance, YOU are that warmth, YOU are shining from within and YOU are that inner glow.

You see all around you the world that you live in reflects your beauty, your perfection.. You are a child of god, you are an angel, you are a illumined being.

You are a being of light, and when we, your angels look at you, we see that brightness, we feel that warmth, we stare in awe at your brilliance, we see you shining from within, and we smile.. for you are so magnificent, so beautiful and we so love you!

You shine brighter than a thousand suns, if only you dare believe it.

So embrace you magnificence, and next time you see the sun, let it be a reminder of the truth of who you are. A being of light – lighting the world with your brilliance!

All my love Emmanuel xxxx

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