Embracing Fear

There are many of you out there, my dear sweet channel amongst them who are struggling with fear at the moment.

There is so much that is apparently out of your control, that is ‘unknown’ and wherever there are such things in your life the bony hand of fear grips onto yours and refuses to let go. The mind begins to go into overdrive and the heart is given a back seat.

Fear is in the drivers seat – ‘buckle up! Its going to be a bumpy ride!’ he says.. ‘But don’t worry, you’re in safe hands!’.

And so you let go of what you know in your hearts to be true and become a passenger on fears’ ride to nowhere.

You see, the mind (when in the grip of fear) can play terrible tricks with you and fear is a master of illusion! But do not worry.. for I have a very simple way to get out of fear’s car and step back onto solid ground!

You see fear is like a playground bully.. he is like the shadows under the bed that used to haunt you as a child. Once you stand up to her, once you shine a light on that shadow, suddenly she disappears. He is only so much hot air.. it is bravado and illusion. It is smoke and mirrors. He/she is not real. The ONLY reality is love.

And fear, well fear cannot exist in the face of love.

Fear melts at the sight of love.

So what to do? Embrace your fears dearest ones, do not run away from them, do not shrink into the shadows. Go on, DO it now.

Say darn it! and embrace your fears and watch them melt away.

You are a child of god, a wondrous angel who is a beacon of love. Embrace your fear with that LOVE that you are and it will disappear just as when you shine a light on the darkness it can no longer exist.. the shadows melt away lit up as they are by the light. So it is when you expose fear for what it truly is, so IT can no longer exist.

So go on.. why not HUG a fear today! And watch it melt and transform into the only thing that is.. LOVE.

And if the fear seems too big, why just hold out your hands and we shall go running together, you, me and your angels and we shall all EMBRACE that fear TOGETHER. You see you need never face anything alone.. ESPECIALLY your fears.

Let us in and let us help you and together we can HUG our way back to happiness and a fear free life!

All our love, Emmanuel and your angels xxx

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