Lifting the Veil

There is a misconception on your planet that I wish to address.. the belief that you are on your own, that it is just ‘you vs the world’. This is just not true. There are many many beings who are with you on your journey, some in form, some not. When you are born and come into form there are many of your angel brethren who are born at the same time or around the same time (for where we are there is no such thing as time) these are your angel brothers and sisters who you invited to join you on this next magical journey into ‘human-hood’. Then there are angels that are assigned to each individual angel when they start on their journey. 

You see no journey into being human is ever started alone.. when you breathe your first air and realise just how tight it is to be in a tiny human body, there in front of you and beside you will be your guardian angels. They are there from the moment of your birth to the leaving of your body. Whether you perceive them or not, is another matter, but we ARE always there I promise you! 

I know that for many of you the human life can be a lonely one at times, times when you feel down or upset. You feel as though it is just you.. and I promise you that even in your darkest days and moods there is an angel just by your side loving you and holding you. 

“Well” You say, “that sounds lovely Emmanuel and I’m sure you mean well, but how do I know that what you are saying is the truth, I don’t feel my angels’ 

Well this is because dearest ones that there is a little trick, a rule if you will about how we your angels are allowed to engage with you. Consider it a universal rule of the universe.. (and here I am letting you into a secret, I am ‘lifting the veil’ so that you might be able to connect more readily with your angels) are you ready?? 

– and it is this: You must invite us in. 

“what on earth are you on about Emmanuel, invite you in? What does that mean?”

– in its simplest form it means talk to us. Ask us for help, ask to feel us, ask us to hold you, to talk to you, to be with you! You see until you ask we cannot intervene, this is just the law of the universe, some of you will know it as ‘free will’. But once you ask for help we jump right in like bodyguards (although we are more angel-self guards really and do what we can to help. 

There.. I have revealed a great secret to you. But do not take my word for it, test it! Collect the evidence for yourselves! There are certain times in your calendar/timetable that are more conducive than others to make the connection with our world and ‘lift the veil’ more easily.. so if you are starting out I would recommend that you do it around these times: Your dawn, your twilight, the moment you rise, the moment you are about to sleep. During full moons and equinoxes. On starry clear nights, and in moments of joy, and in moments of emotion. These are just a few of the moments.. there are more, but as you can see there are many! 

And what precisely do you do? Well just ask your angels to hold you, that is a start.. and then let your senses soften and you will feel our angelic embrace, wrapping you in our wings and surrounding you in our love and light. It will be a revelation to you to know that you are no longer alone in your dark times.. and we have an endless supply of love, support and HUGS! Us Angels love to hug and we love to give. So call on us, and let us be with you.. Not just on the bad days, but the good days too! 

And.. do not forget your angel brethren that came into form too, many you will have already met – you know, the friends that you feel you have known forever?? – well, funnily enough, you have!! So why not spend a little moment today re-connecting with your angel brothers and sisters that are in form too, that have come into this existence to share the magical human experience with you! Tell them you love them and you’re glad that they decided to come down and share this adventure with you. They will love you for it, and you well you will know that you are never alone. 

All our love Emmanuel and your angels (who look forward to hearing from you soon!) xxx

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