Let us take your burdens

I am here to remind you of something that you may have forgotten.. You are not alone, you have guardian angels that walk with you every second of everyday. There is a misunderstanding that when life gets tough, and the burdens of life become almost overwhelming that it is your responsibility and yours alone to carry those burdens and ‘work hard’ in order to get through difficult times. This is simply not true and it is unnecessary.
You see life is not designed to be hard and tough, indeed that is the very reason that you were born with angels at your side, at your service – to help make it easier! I am here to tell you that WE your angels are with you not as silent witnesses to your life, but as an active support and help in the sometimes difficult and challenging human adventure. Think of us as your support team if you will. We are the sherpas and local guides that are there with you on this adventure, to carry your packs and burdens to help you along the way, so that you can ENJOY the adventure that lies ahead for you, without the baggage that you do so love to carry along with you!
So consider this a reminder, I hope a timely reminder that it is time to stop trying to do it all by yourself, its just not how the plan was designed. The human experience is not a test, it is an adventure in remembrance. Remember?
Aah.. you see now I can see you all having that eureka moment.
So while I have you I will finish with this – Its time to hand over your burdens, your worries, your fears. Let us, your angels take them for you. They do not serve you, they only inhibit you, and this is precisely what we are here to do – To help, to support, to guide and to share this wonderful human journey with you. So tonight after you read this, call us to you and hand over all your burdens to us. Let us carry the load for a while, let us be of assistance, let us be of service, to you, our dear beloved angels sisters and brothers. We promise that we are here for you now and always.
All our love Emmanuel and your angels xxx

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