Loving the unkown

One of the difficult things about being human is that you come with this thing attached, built into the body you inhabit, that is called your mind, and in that mind of yours resides the ego. The ego likes to KNOW everything, the mind likes to figure out where everything is coming from and to.

Now don’t get me wrong ego and the mind are essential to survive on your planet, but not something that helps you to thrive! You humans are conditioned early on that if you don’t know something that is ‘bad’, its important to ‘know’ things and that knowledge is power. However true power exists beyond knowledge, in the wisdom of the ages, in the truth that is impossible to know.

Many people are so busy trying to figure life out, trying to know what is happening and why, that they are missing life entirely. It feels like one test after another, one problem to mull over and attempt to solve before another comes your way. But you see this is somewhat missing that which is there, here and now in front of you and laid out before you. The universe doesn’t work in linear lines, simple logical equations, it just IS. Its not a step by step process, a+b does not necessarily = ab, it could be a,b,c or d or indeed any number of possibilities as the universe is a place of limitless potential.

Its not your job to figure out what life is ‘doing to you’ or where the next thing in your life is coming from. You don’t need to know where the next bit of money is coming from, the next job, the next relationship, the next bump in the road, the next joyous cause of celebration. Your job, your only job is to enjoy each precious moment of your life.

Love it, like you love your beloved.

Let it be, let it flow, be a perfect part of it, but don’t try to figure it out, leave that to US. The universe is infinitely wiser (and quite a bit bigger) than your ‘know it all’ mind, so trust it, and trust in us those angels that walk with you to help make it all work.

Note I’m not saying that you be passive.. be active, be active in LOVING life and LOVING THE UNKNOWN.

Its OK not to know – whatever happened to ‘delighting in the mysteries of life?’ – life isn’t meant to be perfect, its meant to be lived. So live your life, IN LOVE. Live this moment, the next moment and the next. Get over your need to know everything, to figure it all out, or you’ll just give yourself a headache!!

Its time to let it go, and trust that the ALL THAT IS has it far better mapped out and figured out than you could ever possibly imagine it yourself. Trust me when I say, that right now there’s something waiting for you, so stop thinking, stop your worrying and start being.

I love you all.. keep smiling, and keep on loving the adventure. All my love, Emmanuel xxx

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