Dealing with disappointment

Whenever something happens that is unexpected, that is perhaps disappointing, that perhaps makes you feel let down or not supported. Please know that it was NOT the universe and us your angels that sent it to you, and you are most certainly supported still absolutely.

We’re not in the habit of sending presents that are THAT badly wrapped. Sure we like you to learn and grow and that is why sometimes things come into your life that help you to do that. But do not think that you are being singled out for punishment or that you have done anything wrong, because something does not turn up in the way you expected it to. I promise you that is NOT the case.

Know that whatever happens in your life is an opportunity to open and surrender more deeply to what you know in your heart, to what you know in your heart of hearts. Yes sometimes life can be disappointing, yes, sometimes you can feel let down, but I want to re-iterate to you that our support and love for you never waivers.

We are not the senders of disappointment, disappointment is created in your own intellect and is a human concept, not an angelic one.

The ‘all that is’ does not send things to upset or hurt you or to punish you, that is just not the way things work.

The all that is and we your angels, send you nothing but love.

Unconditional love.

There’s a clue in that word, did you notice it?

LOVE that is UNCONDITIONAL – without conditions.

So why would the all that is send you disappointment? Everything and I mean EVERYTHING that comes into your life comes for a reason. What do you take from your current disappointment? Is it an opportunity to learn something new? Or move past something that is an old pattern for you? Is it a chance to shift into a new way of working or living? Is it just something making space for something bigger and more wonderful to come in? Whatever the reason, there is no need to agonise over it, trust me when I say that the ‘all that is’ knows what it is doing, and although it may not make sense right now, all will be revealed and the wisdom will be uncovered within even the mightiest of disappointments with time.

I am saying this to you all today, because I want to remind you that life is not a test. You cannot fail. You have done nothing wrong, and no matter what you think is going on, I promise you everything is WAY better than you imagine it to be.

So take a moment, to close your eyes, to listen with your heart and hear what we are saying to you now. ‘All Will be well, we promise you, dear sweet angel’.

You ARE held, and although you are feeling that things have slipped a little, I promise you that they have not. All will be revealed and all WILL BE WELL.

If you cannot trust yourself, then trust in us. Ask us in, ask for our help we will be here for you. You are held and you are supported and you are loved. UNCONDITIONALLY.

So when disappointment comes to call, choose love and we will be there to support you through the process and out through to the other side.. into LOVE.
All our love Emmanuel and your angels xxx

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