Today is the day to believe in YOU

Belief is a strange thing is it not? It is easy to believe in others, but less so to truly trust and believe in your own dear sweet selves. It is easy to be kind to others, to love others, to believe in them, and yet when it comes to you, you are not so forthcoming and loving and kind..

I wanted you to know that I and those that angels that walk with you ABSOLUTELY BELIEVE IN YOU.

We have no doubt that you are a walking ambassador of love upon your planet, yes.. YOU the angel that is reading this RIGHT NOW!

We have faith in you, and we have faith in the whole of mankind.

I know that at times it may appear that the world has gone a little crazy, that darkness is beginning to prevail, but I promise you that it is not. Sure their are shadows upon your planet, but when the sun shines so brightly as it does today are there not always areas of shadow and darkness? It is important to get everything back into perspective and from where I stand there is more light than darkness not only upon your planet but in YOU.

If you were to ask your friends, your children, your family if THEY believed in you? They would almost to a fault say OF COURSE WE DO SILLY!! So isn’t it time that you began to have faith in yourself? To trust yourself more fully, to yes.. I will say it – LOVE YOURSELF MORE FULLY? Isn’t it time to dive into the ocean of love that you ARE and say YES?! You are so beautiful you know, you are a magnificent angel, you are god made manifest upon your planet, you are quite literally HEAVEN ON EARTH. So what better time than NOW to say YES to who you really are, say YES to your imperfections, your human frailties, say YES to the LOVE that called you here in the first place, say YES to daring to follow your dreams and YES to all that you have been, are right now and all that you are BECOMING.

You are a blossom beginning to bud, a beautiful flower breathing in the rays of the sun, waiting for the call of LOVE to bloom. Well here is that call, the sun is shining, the phone is ringing.. will you answer it?

‘Hello?’ You say as you pick up the receiver..

‘Hello dear sweet angel’ comes the reply, ‘are you ready to believe in you?’ it enquires, with a voice so sweet, so filled with love that it is impossible to resist.

“You know what?” you reply with a rush of excitement “I do believe i AM!”

and with that the whole universe bursts into spontaneous applause and angels dance in the hallways of eternity!

Today another angel gets its wings, today another beacon of light is lit upon your planet, today you dared to believe in YOU. So go on, we, your angels dare you, we believe in you.. so TODAY (not tomorrow or the next day but TODAY!) is the day to start believing in YOU. Oh what fun awaits you, when you just BELIEVE!

All my love Emmanuel xxx

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