Keep going you are making a difference

I know that at times you doubt that what you are doing is making a difference. With so many dark things happening on your planet it is easy to get caught in the mistaken assumption that perhaps what you are doing is not changing the world. So I am here today to say that this is simply not the case. Everything you do is small piece by small piece changing the landscape of your planet. You are changing the world, and you ARE making a difference. We, your angels DO notice and we do so applaud the work that you do! Sometimes it is difficult to see it when you are so close to it, but from where I stand you are all doing remarkably well!

We your angels are so so grateful for the wonderful work you do. So please carry on, it IS worth it and it DOES make a difference.

You will see, we promise, in time, the great strides that mankind is making right now as a direct result of the wonderful life work you are undertaking. So keep the faith, and keep on doing what you do so well. Keep shining and keep being a beacon for others to follow.

Its not easy being in the vanguard, its not easy to carve the path for others to follow. At times it feels like you are lost in the jungle down there but I promise you, you are not. There is a path already laid out before you, we have done some of the ground work and we promise there will be a clearing ahead for you to rest and recover yourselves soon. You see, you are not alone on your journey, on your mission. There is a great team devoted to ensuring the successes of your mission on the planet. We are part of that team, your angels and I. So do not worry, all is well, you are doing remarkably well and we, your angels are so incredibly proud of all that you are doing and have done.

So take this message as an opportunity to celebrate all that you are and treat your-self, your angel self and your human self to something extra special as a reward, because you so deserve a reward for all that you are doing for your planet’s evolution. We thank you for all that you are and are so admirous of the wondrous purposeful work that you do!

All our love, Emmanuel and your angels xxxxx

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