A commitment to love

A New Years Eve message from Emmanuel: A commitment to love

So greetings my dear angels I come to you on this New year’s eve to bring a message that I hope will resonate in the deepset parts of your consciousness.

The new year is traditionally a time to review and make a commitment to the upcoming year. I am here with a suggestion that perhaps THIS year is the year that you make a commitment to your-SELF. So often the new years resolutions are about what you cannot have, what you must let go of.. do not eat this, do not drink that, give up this, let go of that. It is a list of things not to do rather than things that will inspire and help you to grow into the wonderful angel that you are. So I am here today to remind you that perhaps the greatest gift you can give to yourself this new year is to make a renewed commitment to yourself and to your journey.
For this IS a journey that you are on, and you dearest ones ARE the creators of that journey. So what would you create for your-self this year?

Might I suggest that you create a journey that is full of wonder and full of JOY? – For you see it is your birthright to have JOY in your life.
I do so love JOY for it is not a half hearted emotion, it is ALL or NOTHING. Either you have JOY or you do not, there is no such thing as being ‘half joyful’. Yes already I am hearing your minds as they respond to my invitation:

“Joy? Really Emmanuel? But you do not live in this world, have you seen what is around us? Have you seen how HARD life can be? It is easy for you out there in the one, but what about us, down here in this world of fear?”
You are right, I have not been in form for quite some while, but I come not to lecture, but to remind and help you to remember the truth of who you are.

From where I stand ALL IS POSSIBLE.

I wish to re-iterate that if I May – ALL IS POSSIBLE!

Yes, even in your world of fear ALL IS POSSIBLE. SO if you were to act as if that were a TRUTH then what would you do and what life would you create for yourself in 2014? You see from my vantage point, I see many angels that are sleeping, unaware of the incredible gifts and talents they were born with to help with the transformation of the planet. It is my job here and now to remind you, to poke and provoke you – WAKE UP!!!
– wake up my beautiful angels.. it is time to make a renewed commitment to your-self and to your mission here on this planet.
Let this NEW YEAR be the time that you make a renewed commitment to be an ambassador of love on your planet.

And how does one do that?? Simple. Just fall back in love with your-selves. Yes you heard me right. Just love your self. Totally. Love all your imperfections and love who YOU are.

You see you are perfect just the way you are, imperfections and all. You were not designed to be perfect, but you were designed to embrace all that you are, not just your human characteristics but also your angelic gifts! Once you have made that simple commitment, then it is time to make another commitment. To do simple things that will help you remember more fully the truth of who you are. A simple practice, perhaps 10 or 15 minutes a day where you check in with your angel self.. And finally a commitment to exploring the possibilities of who you MIGHT be, and WHAT you might be here to bring.

You see you all came with talents, skills and gifts that will help with the transformation of your planet, and NOW is the time to WAKE UP to that fact. You have more power than you dare believe, you are ANGELS all and I am right now giving you the provocation required to wake you up and bring you back on track.

So how will you bring your unique blend of talents and skills into your life more for the benefit of your community, local and global?
How will you teach the children (your own and others) of the power of love?

How will you bring love more into your everyday life, so that all around you see you as a beacon of that love?

You are all beacons of love – it is time to light the fire and to burn brightly. You are all lighthouses of love lighting the darkness. Let us here in the firmament see your lights shine. Let the beacons light across the planet, let your light SHINE! With these three simple commitments we your angels believe that you will have the most joyous and beautiful of years.

We send you love, SO MUCH LOVE. We hope you will receive this message in your hearts and we want you to know that although this message is one of action, we are not insisting that you must do this by yourselves. Oh no, dearest ones each of you have angels that walk with you. So call upon them to help and support you. They can guide you on this sometimes difficult journey, they can help you find the way. To the truth, to the light, back into LOVE.

May you have a happy and joyous new year. All my love Emmanuel xxx

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