The most important valentines’ gift of all

Feb. 14th – 2014

There is something much more important than external, received love. The love that is given at this time of year, via cards and flowers and other such tokens of appreciation and love. You see the most important love on your planet, is SELF-LOVE.

There are so many of you that are yearning to be loved, and so seek that love not outside of you, but inside of you. Yes, of course it is delightful to be loved by another, it feeds you. But the hunger for love will never be satiated until you truly love your selves!

“Well Emmanuel, that is all very well, but how on earth do we do that??” I hear you cry!

Well I do believe that there is a celebration of love happening upon your planet in the next day or so. So how about celebrating not just the love for your partner or your loved one(s) but also celebrating your love for YOU. You see there is so much love inside of you, waiting to be expressed. You are an embodiment of love, you were created from love and ARE LOVE. You are love made manifest, you are love of limitless potential. So dare to express that love not just to those you love but more importantly to your self!

On this festival of love known as Valentine’s day please make sure that you are sending just as much love to YOU as to others..

In fact I have a homework, that I hope you will take me up on. How about you use this day as a chance to tell yourself just how much you love YOU.
Buy yourself a card or perhaps draw yourself a card that represents the love that you have for all that you are. Then inside it, write yourself a love letter. Let your heart open and pour out its love to you. Let your angel self tell you just how much he/she loves you. Let your love shine through every word, every sentence that you write. Then sign it and make sure to put lots of hearts and kisses upon it. Seal it up in an envelope address it to yourself. And the post it through your own door late on the eve of Valentine’s day. Then on Valentine’s day morning you will receive a wondrous token of love, from the most amazing being.. this beautiful being of light. And who is that most wondrous, magnificent, amazing, beautiful being?? Why dearest one it is YOU of course!!

– and know THIS.. if you think noone loves you, you are WRONG. I LOVE YOU.. and so do YOUR ANGELS. Listen to us this valentines morning, tune in and invite us into your day, we will be whispering sweet nothings into your ears, expressing our love for you and reminding you that you are never alone and you are ALWAYS LOVED! – we love you, angel sisters and brothers – all my love Emmanuel xxxx

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