Fighting the good fight

Today I wish to remind you to keep on fighting the good fight.. Keep on fighting for a new version of your planet, keep on working towards a new vision with a brighter future. There is much turmoil right now on your planet and if you choose to look for it, you will find many reasons to doubt and fear what is to come. But I am the tider of good news dearest angels, for I am here to remind you that the future of your planet is in the best hands, for it is in YOUR hands and it is you, all of you that hold the future of your planet within those hands.

”But Emmanuel that’s an awfully heavy burden to carry – you mean we own our own destiny? That its down to us? But look at what a rubbish job we are doing of it already? And can’t we get a little help down here? Do we have to do everything ourselves??”

Well, let me take these one at a time – is it a heavy burden? Not really, for all you must do is live a life of love and love is not a burdensome thing, love is light, and light is love. And if you do find it getting a little heavy, then share it – share it with your friends, group together and do something to lighten that load. AND do not forget that also we, your angels are here to help carry your burdens as I have mentioned before in a previous message, so please feel free to load us up, we are happy to carry your loads! – So no you are not alone and help IS at hand I promise, just call on us and each other and you will never be alone!

Do you own your own destiny? – absolutely, but do not see this as an onerous task, see it as an opportunity to shine your light wherever you go, whenever you can. It is not hard to do that, in fact it is easier to shine than it is to hide your light. And by the way from where I stand up here in the all that is, you are doing a most excellent job in difficult circumstances, do not do yourselves down!

We your angels applaud all that you do and marvel at your progress despite all that is thrown at you to try and bar your progress. So please take this as an opportunity to celebrate your successes and celebrate all that you are, you are remarkable! I mean that most whole heartedly, we are so grateful for all the wonderful work you are doing.

So keep on fighting the good fight, you ARE winning the battle. The army of love is marching to victory, so keep on being who you are and doing what you do. You are working miracles, and you ARE changing the planet for good. Thankyou my fellow angels, thank you!

All my love Emmanuel xxx

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